CE 394K.2 Surface Water Hydrology

Spring Semester 1999

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Instructor: David R. Maidment
Class Hours: TTH 12:30-2, ECJ 7.208
Office Hours: TTH 3:30-5, ECJ 8.612
Telephone: (512)471-4620
Email: maidment@mail.utexas.edu
Internet: http://www.ce.utexas.edu/prof/maidment/gradhydro99/gradhydro99.htm
Introduction to HEC-HMS
Homework # 2
Homework # 3
Homework # 4
Homework # 5
Introduction to WRAP
Homework #7, Frequency Analysis

Setting up your home page
Example home page
Sample term project outline
Data sources


Letter grades will be based on the weighted average specified above and assigned as follows: There will be no make-up exams or incomplete grades in this course. I reserve the right to change the date of a quiz with notice in advance. 

Special Notes

Course/Instructor Evaluation Plan: Course/Instructor evaluation forms will be distributed during one of the final two lecture periods. A student
within the class will be asked to distribute and collect the evaluation forms, and to return them to the Department of Civil Engineering office on the 4th
floor of ECJ. I also encourage students to speak to me during the course of the semester, and am open to suggestions related to the course.

Students with Disabilities: The University of Texas at Austin provides upon request appropriate adjustments for qualified students with disabilities.
For more information, contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 471-6259, 471-4241 TDD 

Course text

"Applied Hydrology", by V.T. Chow, D.R. Maidment, and L.W. Mays, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1988.

Recommended Reading: "Handbook of Hydrology", ed. by D.R. Maidment, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1993 


Homework assignments are due in by 5PM on the date assigned. There is a box outside my door in ECJ 8.6 for turning in assignments after the class hour if necessary. Homework must be done on clean paper, must be stapled at the top left corner, and have your name written on the top right corner, and your name, class and assignment number written on the outside when the homework is folded in half. 

Course objectives

This course is designed to present:

Term Paper

The purposes of the term paper are:
  1. To enable you to explore in depth some aspect of surface water hydrology of personal interest to you.
  2. To provide experience in the formulation, execution, and presentation of original research.
  3. To produce a report that can be display on the world wide web and that you can carry with you into the future.
The steps in carrying out the project are:
  1. Prepare a 1-page proposal on your personal web page by Thursday, Feb 18 specifying the objective of your project and outlining how you plan to go about executing it.
  2. Give a brief presentation of the progress you have made with your project in class on Tuesday, March 23.
  3. Present a final report orally in class near the end of the semester. You will have about 10 mins for your presentation. The presentation date will be scheduled later in the semester.
  4. Present a written report by the last day of classes, Friday May 7. I would like you to present your report as an html document which can be read on the world wide web from your personal web page. I realise that you may not know how to present documents on the web and I will show you how to do this during the semester. You can produce html documents by saving them in html format from a word processor such as MS Word.

Course Outline for CE 394K.2: 
Surface Water Hydrology

Spring 1999

Tues Jan 19 Introduction to surface water hydrology, hydrologic cycle
Thurs Jan 21 Hydrologic simulation using HEC-HMS
Tues Jan 26 Hydrologic Principles: Continuity, Momentum and Energy
Thurs Jan 28 Atmospheric water
Tues Feb 2 Precipitation
Thurs Feb 4 Evaporation
Tues Feb 9 Infiltration and Soil Water Movement
Thurs Feb 11 Groundwater
Tues Feb 16 Surface water
Thurs Feb 18 Unit hydrograph
Tues Feb 25 Flood hydrograph computation
Thurs Feb 27 The Role of Hydrology in Urban Drainage Managment
Tues Mar 2 Hydraulic routing of flow in rivers
Thurs Mar 4 Review for Midterm Quiz
Tues Mar 9 QUIZ
Thurs Mar 11 Analysis of Water Rights in the Sulphur Basin (Dr Bob Brandes)
Tues Mar 23 Review of Progress on Term Projects
Thurs Mar 25 Statistical analysis of extreme events
Tues Mar 30 Analysis of water rights reliability using WRAP
Thurs Apr 1 Design storm rainfall
Tues Apr 6 Statistical estimation of design discharge
Thurs Apr 8 Urban Runoff Quality Management Practices (Dr Larry Roesner)
Tues Apr 13 Flood risk assessment
Thurs Apr 15 Frequency analysis of storm rainfall and floods in Texas (William Asquith)
Tues Apr 20 Determination of flood water surface profiles
Thurs Apr 22 Global hydrology
Tues Apr 27 Term Project Presentations
Thurs Apr 29 Term Project Presentations
Tues May 4 Term Project Presentations
Thurs May 6 Term Project Presentations
Final Exam: Weds May 12, 2 PM - 5PM