Term Project Outline

 CE 394K.2 Surface Water Hydrologu
University of Texas at Austin

Doing Hydrology and Having Fun!!

by David R. Maidment


In this term project outline you will:

It is understood that in preparing a project outline many things are not completely understood in the beginning and it is possible that major changes in the project may occur as you execute it. The main purpose of this outline is to give me an understanding of what you intend to do so that I can help you define a project that is feasible within the time frame and the information resources that are available this semester. It is if you can focus your ideas rather narrowly and then broaden them out later. Many students start out attempting to do more than the time available during the semester will permit.

 To prepare your outline, ftp to ftp.crwr.utexas.edu and pick up the source file used to make this outline, which is outline.htm in directory /pub/gisclass. Use the ASCII rather than Binary option when using ftp. Bring the file up in a text editor or in a word processing program, delete the material that you don't need and subsitute your own. Use the Enter key to end each line, rather than letting the text editor wrap the text for you on the screen. Otherwise, the next time you view the file it could consist of one line of text extending a very far distance to the right of your screen! Web browsers automatically fit the text to the width of the screen display so it makes no difference how wide or narrow is the length of lines you use in your text file. Save the file as a text file, not in a special word processing file format, and use a name that is unique to you for the file name, like maidment.htm. Strictly speaking web files usually have the extension html (hypertext markup language) but I use .htm instead because PC machines truncate the .html extension to .htm automatically.

Once you have completed your outline, post it on your home page and create a hook from your home.html file to your outline in the manner that I've shown in the sample home.html file.

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