CE 394K.2 Surface Water Hydrology

Final Exam

Spring Semester 1999

For the final exam, I want you to prepare four typed theme papers, each not more than two pages in length. The four theme papers should be chosen from the following five subject areas.
  1. Statistical Analysis of Storm Rainfall and Flood Discharge (from lectures of Mar 25, Apr 1, Apr 6, Apr 13, Apr 15 by William Asquith, and related reading and homework)
  2. Flood Hydrology and Hydraulics (Term Papers by Perales, Akcay, Azagra, Hart, Andrysiak) + lecture by Dr Francisco Olivera on Apr 20
  3. Surface and Groundwater Quality (Term Papers by Kim, Osborne, Christian, Niazi) + lecture by Dr Larry Roesner on Apr 8
  4. Environmental or Global Issues (Term Papers by Otto, Sue, Anderson, Lear, Schram) + lecture by Dr Francisco Olivera on Apr 22. These are really two subject areas combined into one, so it is ok to treat them separately if you wish to do so.
  5. Texas Water Resources (Term Papers by Hudgens, Mason, Gu, Davis, Jonsdottir) + lecture by Dr Bob Brandes on Mar 11 and the WRAP exercise.

What I am looking for in these papers is a thoughtful evaluation of what the state of knowledge is in the subject area. I want you to show evidence that you've read all the term papers in the area and understand something about the field generally that is more than what is contained in a particular paper by itself. The key goal is to synthesize and evaluate the information presented. What is now known in this field? What is still unknown? What tasks can be accomplished? What is still really beyond the reach of current methods and technology? I have included reference to the various lectures that were presented after Spring Break and I am expecting some intelligent interpretation of what was presented in those lectures. You may also wish to refer back to material presented earlier in the semester or to what you've learned or read elsewhere to supplement the ideas that you present in your theme papers, but the main focus should be on what you've learned in this class, and especially on what we've done since the Spring Break.

Please staple your four theme papers together, and turn in your completed exam by 5PM on Weds, May 12, to the secretary, Cheryl Gamble, in the ECJ 8.6 office, or in the box outside my office door in ECJ 8.612. It should be understood that these theme papers represent your work alone and their contents should not be discussed with other students in the class.

Contact me if you have any questions: maidment@mail.utexas.edu

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