CE 394K.3 GIS in Water Resources

Fall Semester 2005

University of Texas at Austin

Instructor: David R. Maidment



Course Videos are viewable on the website at http://www.utwired.engr.utexas.edu/maidment/ 

Course Syllabus: syllabus.htm


Term Project Presentations: TermProjList.htm


Term Project Instructions: TPInstructions.doc TPInstructions.htm


Term Paper Library: http://www.ce.utexas.edu/prof/maidment/giswr2005/docs/termpaperlibrary.htm


Utah State University Site: http://www.engineering.usu.edu/dtarb/giswr/2005


Setting up your course web site: https://webspace.utexas.edu/


Arc Hydro Tools version 9 ArcHydroTools.zip


Final Exam: giswrfinal2005.doc giswrfinal2005.htm


 Session 1 (Thurs, 1 September): Introduction to GIS in Water Resources. Review the course curriculum, course outline. Lecture slides: lecture12005.ppt


Session 2 (Tues 6 September): Introduction to ArcGIS Lecture slides: lecture22005.ppt Reference materials: ArcGIS91.pdf SpatialAnalyst.pdf Reading Assignment: Arc Hydro pp. 1-25


Session 3 (Thurs 8 September): Exercise 1: Mapping Hurricane Katrina Word document: KatrinaMap.doc Html KatrinaMap.htm Data files katrina.mdb


Session 4 (Tues 13 September): Geodesy, map projections and coordinate systems Slides: Mapproj.ppt Handout: EarthDistance.doc EarthDistance.htm


Session 5 (Thurs 15 September) Exercise 2: Building a Base Map Files: Ex22005.doc Ex22005.htm Data File: Guadalupe.zip


Session 6 (Tues 20 September) Spatial Analysis using Grids Slides: Spatial.ppt


Session 7 (Thurs 22 September) Exercise 3 Spatial Analysis Ex32005.doc Ex32005.htm Data files Ex3.zip


Session 8 (Tues 27 September) Data Sources for GIS in Water Resources DataSources.htm Slides DataSources.ppt


Session 9 (Thurs 29 September) Hydro Networks in GIS Slides: HydroNetwork.ppt Solutions for Ex1 Ex1Soln.ppt Reading Assignment: Arc Hydro pp. 25-53, 117-139


Session 10 (Tues 4 October) Exercise 4 Building an Arc Hydro with Time Series Geodatabase Ex42005.doc Ex42005.htm Ex4.zip Reading Assignment: Arc Hydro pp. 141 166 (Chap 7 on Time Series). Slides on Scale, Resolution and Accuracy Scale.ppt Overview of Exercise 4 Overview.ppt


Session 11 (Thurs 6 October) Watershed and stream network delineation DEMWatershedDelination.ppt


Session 12 (Tues 11 October) Exercise 5 Watershed and Stream Network Delineation Ex52005.doc Ex52005.htm Ex52005.zip Solution dataset for up to the Adjoint Catchment part Ex5part.zip


Session 13 (Thurs 13 October) Advanced Terrain Analysis Concepts TerrainAnalysis.ppt Personal exercises: TauDEM on the Logan River LoganRiverExercise.doc Exercise on use of VBA in ArcGIS VBAExercise.doc


Session 14 (Tues 18 October) Review for Midterm Quiz Review2005.doc Review2005.htm Slides: Review2005.ppt


Session 15 (Thurs 20 October) Midterm Quiz


Session 16 (Tues 25 October) CUAHSI Hydrologic Information Systems CUAHSIHIS.ppt ExecutiveSummary.pdf


Session 17 (Thurs 27 October) Bacterial TMDL model and schematic processor BacterialModel.ppt Journal article on schematic processor: SchematicProcessor.doc


Session 18 (Tues 1 November) Review of Term Project Progress TermProjProp.htm


Session 19 (Thurs 3 November) Exercise 6: Bacterial Load Modeling in Copano Bay BacterialModel.doc BacterialModel.htm BacterialModel.zip

Replacement files for SchemaLink and SchemaNode SchemaData.mdb


Session 20 (Tues 8 November) Groundwater and ArcScene Groundwater.ppt GroundwaterExercise.pdf GroundwaterExercise.zip


Session 21 (Thurs 10 November) Modeling surfaces using TIN and raster interpolation from points Surfaces.ppt GeostatExercise.htm GeostatExercise.zip


Session 22 (Tues 15 November) GIS for Instream Flow Assessment (Dr Thomas Hardy, Utah State University) InstreamFlow.ppt


Session 23 (Thurs 17 November) River channel morphology model (Dr Venkatesh Merwade) Channel.ppt


Session 24 (Tues 22 November) Term paper presentations: Regional Issues


Session 25 (Tues 29 November) Term paper presentations: Water Resources


Session 26 (Thurs 1 December) Term paper presentations: Water Quality


Session 27 (Tues 6 December) Utah term paper presentations (see Sessions 25 and 26 at http://www.engineering.usu.edu/cee/faculty/dtarb/giswr/2005/ for the presentation videos and http://www.engineering.usu.edu/cee/faculty/dtarb/giswr/2005/Students.html for the powerpoint slides for each presentation)

Session 28 (Tues 13 December) Term paper presentations: Air Quality and Transportation