GIS in Water Resources

Fall 2005

Term Project Proposals




Adam Czekanski

Snowmelt and water supply for New York City

Constance Danner

Using GIS to evaluate the watershed of Estes Park, Colorado

Elaine Darby

Surface Drainage Analysis of Bull Creek

Laura Demott

Travertine geochemistry and urbanization in Austin

Brian Drake

Effects of wildfires on water quality and ecological health

Kaylan Duthie

Water conditions in the Boulder Patch, Alaska

Michael Flaming

GPS based tolling system for Texas highways

Lu Gao

Highway pavement conditions in Dallas

Frank Heitmuller

Geomorphic analysis of the Llano River & Sandy Creek

Eric Hersh

Assessing environmental streamflow characteristics in Texas

Tyler Jantzen

Geospatial data infrastructure for Texas

Brandon Klenzendorf

Waterways and bridges in Texas

Eon Lee

GIS analysis of NOx emission in Houston

Nadeem Moulvi

Environmental quality and population distribution in Dallas

Daniela Ortiz

Flooding in South Florida

Kehinde Oshodi

Educational exercises applying  ArcGIS and Arc Hydro in West Africa

Dharhas Pothina

Georeferenced water quality data storage system for the TWDB

Chris Shaw

Water quality and water use in the Black Hills

Heather Simon

Interpolation of ambient air pollution concentrations in Houston

Donald Slottke

Modeling fracture flow

Anthony Smith

Water quality in the Anacostia River

Ernest To

Galveston Bay fecal coliform model