CE 374K Hydrology
Spring Semester 2013
University of Texas at Austin


Syllabus: Syllabus.docx Syllabus.htm

Field Trip: Thursday March 21, 2-5PM

Session 1: Tues 15 Jan Introduction to Hydrology Lecture12013.pptx

Session 2: Thurs 17 Jan Hydrologic Systems and Continuity Equation Lecture22013.pptx

Session 3: Tues 22 Jan Mass, Momentum and Energy MassMomentumEnergy.pptx Homework 1 Hmwk1.docx Hmwk1.htm Hmwk1Soln.docx

Session 4: Thurs 24 Jan Atmosphere and Atmospheric Water AtmosphericWater.pptx Water Vapor computation WaterVapor.docx

Session 5: Tue 29 Jan Precipitation Precipitation.pptx Homework 2 Hmwk2.docx Thiessen.pptx Hmwk2Soln.docx

Session 6: Thurs 31 Jan Evaporation Evaporation.pptx EvaporationExample.pdf

Session 7: Tues 5 Feb Soil Water SoilWater.pptx SoilAddOns.pptx

Session 8: Thurs 7 Feb Infiltration Infiltration.pptx GreenAmpt.xlsx Homework 3 Hmwk3.docx Hmwk3Soln.docx

Session 9: Tues 12 Feb Runoff Runoff.pptx

Session 10: Thurs 14 Review for First Exam Review12013.docx MMEShort.pptx

Session 11: Tues 19 Feb Hydrologic Measurement HydrologicMeasurement.pptx

Session 12: Thurs 21 Feb First Exam

Session 13: Tues 26 Feb Global Water Issues Wood.pdf WorldWaterOnline.pptx GlobalWater.pptx

Session 14: Thurs 28 Feb Unit Hydrograph UnitHydrograph.pptx

Session 15: Tues 5 Mar Hydrologic Routing HydrologicRouting.pptx

Session 16: Thurs 7 Mar Channel Flow Routing ChannelFlowRouting.pptx Homework 4 Hmwk4.docx Hmwk4Soln.docx Kinematic wave celerity Celerity.docx

Session 17: Tues 19 Mar Introduction to HEC-HMS IntroHECHMS.docx IntroHECHMS.htm HECHMSSoln.docx

Session 18: Thurs 21 Mar Brushy Creek Day Presentations in class by Ruth Haberman (UBCWCID), Jeff Irvin (URS) and Dustin Mortensen (Freese and Nichols). BrushyCreekDay.pptx Field trip to Brushy Creek 2-5PM.

Session 19: Tues 26 Mar Hydrologic Statistics Statistics.pptx (Dr Passalacqua)

Session 20: Thurs 28 Mar Drought and Water Resources: Texas and San Angelo SanAngelo.pptx

Session 21: Tues 2 April Frequency Analysis HECSSP.docx HECSSP.htm Antecedent Runoff Condition Frequency Analysis and Data Hmwk6.docx Hmwk6Soln.docx

Session 22: Thurs 4 April Frequency and Design Levels FrequencyFactors.pptx HydrologicDesign.pptx

Session 23: Tues 9 April Design Storms DesignStorms.pptx

Session 24: Thurs 11 April Extreme Storms ExtremeStorms.pptx UpperBrushyCreekDesign.pptx

Session 25: Tues 16 April Review for Second Exam Review22013.docx Review2.pptx

Session 26: Thurs 18 April Second Exam

Session 27: Tues 23 April TxLegMaidment.pptx Darcy.pptx GEOSSWaterScience.pptx

Session 28: Thurs 25 April HydraulicRouting.pptx HECRASManual.pdf FieldTrip.pptx

Session 29: Tues 30 April Floodplain Mapping FloodMapping.pptx Guadalupe Frequency Analysis Guadalupe.pptx Elevation Data for Floodplain Mapping Report

Session 30: Thurs 2 May Course instructor evaluation and review for the final exam. FinalReview.docx Mapping the Zone Report Review3.pptx