GISHydro97 - Quality

Water Quality Analysis Module

Center for Research in Water Resources, The University of Texas at Austin


Water quality in a river, lake or estuary is described by the advection-dispersion equation with additional terms to define decay and transformation of chemicals. This part of the CD documents BALANCE, map based surface water quality modeling software developed by Ferdi Hellweger and David Maidment. The system runs inside ArcView and is written in the Avenue programing language.

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Attention PC CD Users:
The files on the CD are read-only. To run the exercise you will need to copy the files to the hard drive of your computer or another location where you have write permission. When doing so it is best to use the DOS XCOPY command (rather than drag-and-drop in Windows). Using this command will make sure the files are not marked as read-only after you copied them. Follow these steps to copy data from the CD:

  1. Go to DOS.
  2. Go to the CD drive.
  3. Change to the module directory (i.e. terrain, prepro)
  4. Type: xcopy gisfiles destination_path /E

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Center for Research in Water Resources
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