CE 394K.2 Hydrology

Spring Semester 2007

University of Texas at Austin

Instructors: David R. Maidment



Course Syllabus: syllabus.htm


Setting up your course web site: https://webspace.utexas.edu/


Term Project Papers TermProjPapers.htm


Instructions for Term Paper Presentations TPInstructions.doc


Instructions for Term Paper Submission TermPapers.doc


Final Exam   HydroFinal2007.doc

Sessions 1 and 2 were cancelled because the University was closed on snow days.

Session 3 (Tues, Jan 23): Introduction to Hydrology. Review the course curriculum, course outline. Lecture slides: Lecture12007.ppt.

Session 4 (Thurs, Jan 25): Obtaining water data from NWIS and Storet Ex1.htm  HISServer.htm  NWISAnalyst.htm VariableCode.xls  Lecture2.ppt Ex1Soln.doc  Ex1Soln.htm LoadComputations.ppt

Session 5 (Tues Jan 30): Water and energy flow  Lecture3.ppt 

Session 6 (Thurs Feb 1): CUAHSI WaterOneFlow Web Services WaterOneFlow.ppt by Tim Whiteaker

Session 7 (Tues Feb 6): Atmospheric Water AtmosWat.ppt

Session 8 (Thurs Feb 8): Weather and Climate Data  NetCDF.ppt  Getting NetCDF Data from Unidata  Exercise 2: Energy Balance of the San Marcos Basin  Ex2.doc Ex2.htm  Data files Ex2.zip  Solution: Ex2Sol.doc  Ex2Sol.xls

Session 9 (Tues Feb 13): Precipitation   Precipitation.ppt

Session 10 (Thurs Feb 15): Hydrologic data sources HydroDataSources.doc  HydroDataSources.htm  Homework Problem Set #1 Hmwk1.doc  Hmwk1Soln.pdf

Session 11 (Tues Feb 20): Hydrologic models HydroModels.doc HydroModels.htm  Transport processes Transport.ppt

Session 12 (Thurs Feb 22): Evaporation from flux towers  FluxTower.ppt   

Session 13 (Tues Feb 27): Evaporation computation Evaporation.ppt  Soil water balance SoilWaterBalance.ppt  Homework Problem Set #2  Hmwk2.doc  Hmwk2.htm  Hmwk2Soln.pdf

Session 14 (Thurs Mar 1): Exercise 3: Nexrad data in the San Marcos Basin  Ex3.doc Ex3.htm Ex3Soln.doc Ex3Soln.htm Ex3.avi

Session 15 (Tues March 6): Review for Midterm Exam  Review12007.doc Review12007.htm  Review slides: Review1.ppt

Session 16 (Thurs March 8): Midterm exam

Session 17 (Tues March 20): Review of Midterm exam

Session 18 (Thurs March 22): Review of Term Project Progress  Hmwk3.doc Hmwk3Soln.pdf Homework Set #3

Session 19 (Tues March 27) Infiltration Infiltration.ppt Streamflow Processes StreamflowProcesses.ppt


Session 20 (Thurs March 29): Hydrology of a Dynamic Earth DynamicEarth.pdf CUAHSI Science Plan.ppt  CUAHSI Science Plan.pdf Space-time datasets


Session 21 (Tues April 3): Excess Rainfall   ExcessRainfall.ppt   Philip.ppt    Philip Equation


Session 22 (Thurs April 5): Exercise 4: Modeling moisture content in a soil column Ex4.doc   Ex4.zip   Ex4Soln.doc   Implicit.zit  Implicit solution by Ernest To


Session 23 (Tues April 10): Streamflow and runoff hydrographs  Hydrographs&Routing.ppt   


Session 24 (Thurs April 12): OpenMI interface for hydrologic models OpenMI.ppt 


Session 25 (Tues Apr 17): Exercise 5: Hydrologic Modeling using OpenMI Ex5.doc Ex5.htm Ex5.zip Ex5Soln.pdf for data


Session 26 (Thurs April 19): Accessing NASA remote sensing data NASA101.ppt  Tutorial on how to use ORNL DAAC download

Tools for MODIS MODIS.doc  MODIS.htm  Global River Discharge Data RiverDis.xls  RiverStations.xls


Session 27 (Thurs April 24): Term project presentations Watershed analysis


Session 28 (Thurs April 26): Term project presentations Regional analysis


Session 29 (Tues May 1): Term project presentations Water quality and environmental issues


Session 30 (Thurs May 3): Term project presentations Urban hydrology