CE 394K.2 Hydrology

Spring 2007

Term Project Proposals




Remi Candaele

Flooding in Flathead County, Montana

Andy Chan

El Nino and La Nina and hydrology of Texas

Adam Czekanski

Lake effect snow in New York

Brian Drake

Lake Liberty watershed analysis

Brad Eck

Precipitation intensity and cloud physics

Matt Harold

Effects of urbanization on surface water flow

Eric Hersh

Stream classification system

Eusebio Ingol

Water balance in the Conchose River Basin

Tyler Jantzen

Effects of rain harvesting on the hydrograph

Stephanie Johnson

Load duration curves for TMDL

Nishesh Mehta

Geostatistical analysis of hydrologic parameters

Rae Mooney

Nutrient fluxes using USGS Loadest program

Juan Moran-Lopez

Carbon sequestration

Chris Shaw

Drought characterization for Travis County

Clark Siler

Water Rights Analysis Package

Virginia Smith

Evaporation in Texas Reservoirs

Christina Stanard

Snowmelt in Aspen, Colorado

Ernest To

Salinity in Corpus Christi Bay