GIS in Water Resources, Fall 2011


Term Papers Organized into Themes


Author (Links to presentation)

GIS and Observations Data  (Links to project)

Kimberly Bittler

Runoff and phytoplankton levels in the Mission-Aransas NERR

Susan Linn

Seagrass health on the Texas Coast

Alison Wood

Spatial distribution of pulsed environmental flows

Lisa Helper

Nitrogen database for Texas

Fengyan Yang

Animating observations and model data in ArcMap

Abby Tomasek

Water quality and flow characteristics of Barton Springs

Justin Davis

Ammonia levels at the Hornsby Bend treatment plant

Lindsey Sydow

Aqueous geochemistry in Norris Geyser Basin

Allen, Eric

A GIS model for locating climatically sensitive trees in northern Utah

Moore, Hannah Marie

Juvenile bull trout habitat shifts in Northern Oregon: A temperature and Flow analysis of the South Fork Walla Walla River

Christensen, Nathan Alan

Labyrinth Weir Flow Maps

Van Opstal, Jonna

Point and nonpoint sources of nitrogen in the Bear River Basin

Aaron Hirsh

Nebraska’s Environmental and Groundwater Risk Assessment

Clark Kephart

Mud Creek Knickpoint Watershed Delineation

Jonathan Sallach

Georeferencing in ARC GIS- An Investigation

Megan Seymour

GIS Project – Assessing Risk from Petroleum Contamination in Domestic Wells

Naod Shifferaw

Nitrate in Groundwater in Nebraska

Kerry Larson

Modeling the Risk of Groundwater Contamination Using GIS and DRASTIC Index



Author (Links to presentation)

Hydrologic Processes  (Links to project)

Johnny Sullivan

Soil moisture mapping of drought in Travis County

Heather Davis

Drought mapping of the Pedernales River watershed

Barrett Thomas

Rainwater harvesting in the United States

Poolkeshi Patel

Precipitation analysis of Dallas County

Nate Meyer

Response of different soil types to precipitation

Chris Ingenloff

Water Sustainability and Soil Moisture Capacity in the Lake Somerville Basin

Matt Dobertien

Sensitivity of the coastal ocean environment in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Xianlong Hou

Uncertainty in hydrodynamic modeling of oil spills

Freeman, Thomas Garrett

A Study of the Relationship between Groundwater Levels and Precipitation in Volusia County, FL

Ackerson, Paul Christian

Predicting Spring Runoff along Logan River using a regression analysis

Koudelka, John Andrew

Using Variable Infiltration Capacity Model to understand the effects of terrain in soil moisture estimates

Ryan Farnum

Eutrophication of Standley Lake

Katherine Van Cleave

Lake Effect Snow: A Case Study

Shash Rijal

Missouri River Flood – Summer of 2011

Lauren Swadener

GIS in Water Resources Term Paper:

Bridge Runoff Effects

Yuan Ye

Modeling the Flood in the Cowlitz Watershed



Author (Links to presentation)

International Water Resources (Links to project)

Courtney Thomas

Stresses on Caribbean coral reefs

Ben Bass

GIS data assessment for Region II of Chile

Curtis Bixler

Watershed and terrain analysis of the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia

Katherine Lininger

Terrain and satellite imagery analysis, Madre de Dios, Peru

Colleen Lyons

Assessing subsurface hydrology in Ntisaw, Cameroon

Katie Markovich

Multi-temporal remote sensing analysis of two salars in Northern Chile

Elisabeta Poci

Hydrology of the Drini River Basin, Albania

Mendenhall, Scout

Model for a Water Distribution Pipeline

Salha, Ali Abed Elkader

Estimation of crop water requirements in Gaza Strip, Palestine using GIS Techniques



Author (Links to presentation)

Regional Analysis (Links to project)

Joy Mercier

Water quality effects of lignite strip mining in Texas

Marlo Gawey

Sources and sinks for geological carbon capture and sequestration

Mary Hingst

Water sources for hydraulic fracturing in the Barnett Shale

Daniel Zavala

Vulnerability of water resources of the Hill Country

Sili Liu

Characterization of Jacob’s Well Spring

Haley Born

Designing a dam for Blockhouse Ranch

Richard Knox

Mississippi River channel morphology

Matt Hiatt

Hydrologic and topologic study of Wax Lake Delta

Edward Park

Errors in classification of remotely sensed data

Bachour, Roula Mikhael

Estimating Evapotranspiration and Irrigation System efficiency in Sevier River Basin Using GIS

Shaffer, Timothy J

Proportion of Water Used by Agriculture to Discharge into the Great Salt Lake

Hassan Esfahani, Leila

Optimizing crop water consumption using ET maps and water demand information in GIS


Author (Links to presentation)

Urban Systems (Links to project)

Bryant Chambers

Impact of Urbanization in Austin, Texas

Tom Hilde

Development and environmental integrity in Austin, Texas

Kiersten Dube

Effect of rain gardens on runoff in North Austin

Alexandre Martinez

Land-use based flood damage assessment in Austin

Katie Larsen

Impact of transportation facilities on urban watersheds

Adam Pacsi

Fine Particulate Matter Concentrations in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Whyte, Erin

Correlation Between Stream Flows and Land Use

Forghani, Ali

Identifying spatial and temporal extent of critical condition for water wells in Salt lake valley

Hollingshead, Travis Chad

Storm Water Management on the Hyde Park Irrigation Canal

Michael Florek

Land Use Characterization of Two Small Urban Watersheds

Stacey Joy

The Urbanization Contributions to Runoff Affect in Douglas County, Nebraska