CE 365K Hydraulic Engineering Design

Spring Semester 2016

University of Texas at Austin

Instructor: David R. Maidment



Syllabus: CE365KSyllabus.docx CE365KSyllabus.pdf


Bentley Course Web Site: http://apps.bentley.com/studentserver/home/index


Installation of Bentley Software: InstallBentleySoftware.pdf


Installation of ArcGIS Software ArcGISInstallation.pdf


Project Assessment: Assessment.pdf


Project Design Groups and Watersheds: DesignGroups.pdf


CAEE Virtual Desktop Portal https://appd.engr.utexas.edu/appdportal


Reference Materials:

HEC-RAS Manuals: User Manual Application Guide Reference Manual

HEC-HMS Manuals: Quick Start User Manual Application Guide Reference Manual

Water Quality: Texas Water Quality Standards Austin Small Watershed Edwards Aquifer Best Management Practices

Low Impact Design: San Antonio LID Guide


Session 1: Tues 19 Jan Lecture 1: Basic Hydraulic Principles. Reading Haested Secs 1.1 to 1.6


Session 2: Thurs 21 Jan Lecture 2: Open channel design using FlowMaster Reading Haested Secs 1.7 to 1.8 Assignment1.pdf


Session 3: Tues 26 Jan Lecture 3. Gradually varied flow, orifices, weirs. Reading Haested Sec 1.6, 2.1GraduallyVariedFlow.xlsx OrificeWeir.pptx


Session 4: Thurs 28 Jan Lecture 4. Design storm rainfall IDFCurve.pptx Austin IDF Data Austin Drainage Criteria Manual Sections 1.2.0 to 1.2.2; 2.4.3; 2.5.1; 2.6.0 to 2.6.2. SCSHyetograph.xlsx Assignment2.pdf


Session 5: Tues 2 Feb Intro to Hydrology HydrologyIntro.pptx Reading: Haested Sec 2.2, 2.3


Session 6: Thurs 4 Feb Runoff TR55Manual.pdf CN.xlsx Reading TR55 Chap 2,3


Session 7: Tues 9 Feb HEC-HMS HECHMSQuickStart.pdf UnitHydrograph.pptx Reading HECHMSQuickStart Chap 1, 2


Session 8: Thurs 11 Feb Rational method Assignment3.pdf RationalMethod.pptx
Floodmap1 Floodmap2 Floodmap3 NFIEESRIConf.pptx


Session 9: Tues 16 Feb Inlet design InletDesign.pptx Reading Haested Sec 3.1 to 3.5 City of Austin Drainage Criteria Manual Section 4 Inlets


Session 10: Thurs 18 Feb Storm Sewer Design StormCAD.pdf Reading Haested Sec 3.6 to 3.9 Assignment4.pdf Inlets.pptx


Session 11: Tues 23 Feb Culvert hydraulics Reading Haested Sec 4.1 to 4.3 AmeritexPipe EDB Lookup Table EDBLKUP.xlsx


Session 12: Thurs 25 Feb Culvert design Reading: Haested Sec 4.4 to 4.5 Culverts.pptx CulvertExample.pptx


Session 13: Tues 1 Mar Geographic Information Systems WhatisGIS.pptx Assignment5.pdf MapProjections GeographicCoordinates ProjectedCoordinates


Session 14: Thurs 3 Mar Watershed and stream network delineation using GIS NewtonDefns.pptx WshedDelin.pptx Hydrology Tools


Session 15: Tues 8 Mar Review for first exam Review12016.pdf


Session 16: Thurs 10 Mar First Exam CE365KExam12016.pdf


Session 17: Tues 22 Mar HEC-RAS HECRASExample.docx


Session 18: Thurs 24 Mar Design Projects LWCModels.pptx NWMAnimation.pptx PeralesEngr.pptx HydraulicEngrDesign.pptx


Session 19: Tues 29 Mar Water Quality (Dr Barrett) WaterQuality.pptx AustinWaterQualityData RunoffQuality.pdf WaterQualityReg.pdf


Session 20: Thurs 31 Mar Working with Project Data ProjectTutorial.pdf Assignment6.pdf ProjectSites.pptx


Session 21: Tues 5 April Working with Project Data, Detention Pond Design


Session 22: Thurs 7 April Reem Zoun and Tom Franke (City of Austin) ZounFranke.pptx


Session 23: Tues 12 April Project Design Assignment7.pdf Contour data Contours.zip BacteriaDecay.pdf


Session 24: Thurs 14 April Design development (Cassandra Fagan and Cyndi Castro to help) HMSPrePro.zip


Session 25: Tues 19 April Review of design development and for Second Quiz Review22016.pdf Digitizing Basemap.pdf (p.10) Storage Tool StorageCapacity.pdf StorageCapacity.zip Detention.pptx Detention Pond Design Tutorial Tutorial.pdf


Session 26: Thurs 21 April Second Quiz SecondExam.pdf


Session 27: Tues 26 April Low Impact Design (Tom Franke) LIDFranke.pptx

Session 28: Thurs 28 April Design of Rain Gardens RainGarden101.pdf DesignProjectPresentation.pdf

Session 29: Tues 3 May Design project presentations (Boggy, Bull, Slaughter Cks)


Session 30: Thurs 5 May Design project presentations (East Bouldin, Shoal, Walnut Cks)


Written Design Reports are due in on Friday May 6