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Geographic Information Systems in Water Resources

Center for Research in Water Resources
The University of Texas at Austin

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The purpose of these exercises is to provide instruction in the use of the Arcview and Arc/Info geographic information systems in their application to hydrology and water resources problems. All the data files required for them are available via anonymous ftp from in directory /pub/crwr/gisclass. These exercises are taught by David R. Maidment in the Dept of Civil Engineering, University of Texas at Austin. Each exercise normally takes 3-4 hours to be completed. If you don't have access to the Arcview software needed to do the exercises, you can still read through them and understand the nature of the analysis from the instructions and pictures presented there.

Directory of Exercises

Term Papers

The students in the GIS in Water Resources Course each write a term paper summarizing a piece of original investigation in the use of GIS to study water or related environmental issues. These term papers can be viewed on the GIS projects page. In Spring 1997, the students in the class voted the following three papers as the best in the class and these are presented here on this CD-ROM:

Water Rights in the Lavaca Basin, Karen Boles.

Geocoding Industries for an Industrial Ecopark in Brownsville, Texas, Carolyn Nobel.

Delineation of Idaho's Manageable Forest Lands, Mike McAdams.

Course Curriculum

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