CE 394K.3 GIS in Water Resources

Fall Semester 2013

University of Texas at Austin

Instructors: David R. Maidment and David G. Tarboton



Course Videos are viewable at: http://utwired.engr.utexas.edu/maidment13/


Course Syllabus: Syllabus2013.docx Syllabus2013.htm


Getting Started with ArcGIS Online: GettingStartedWithAGOL.pdf


Installing ArcGIS 10.2 Desktop InstallingArcGIS102.docx InstallingArcGIS102.pdf


Term Paper Library: http://www.ce.utexas.edu/prof/maidment/giswr2013/docs/termpaperlibrary.htm


Term Project Proposals: TermProjProp.htm


Term Project Presentations: TermProjList.htm


Final Exam: GISWR2013Final.pdf Data and Tools: Final.zip


Session 1: Thurs 29 August Lecture 1: Introduction to GIS in Water Resources Lecture12013.pptx GISWRSynopsis1.pdf


Session 2: Tues 3 Sept Lecture 2: Introduction to ArcGIS Lecture22013.pptx GISWRSynopsis2.pdf


Session 3: Thurs 5 Sept Exercise 1: Introduction to ArcGIS Ex12013.docx Ex12013.pdf Ex12013.htm Ex1Data.zip GISWRSynopsis3.pdf Student solutions: Muenzer.pdf Sendrowski.pdf Weidner.pdf


Session 4: Tues 10 Sept Data Sources for GIS in Water Resources DataSources2013.pptx GISWRSynposis4.pdf DataSources.pdf


Session 5: Thurs 12 Sept Exercise 2: Building a Base Map for the San Marcos Basin Ex22013.docx Ex22013.pdf Ex2Data.zip GISWRSynopsis5.pdf Ex2Soln.pdf


Session 6: Tues 17 Sept Geodesy, Map Projections and Coordinate Systems MapProj.pptx GISWRSynopsis6.pdf


Session 7: Thurs 19 Sept Spatial Analyis using Rasters SpatialAnalysis.pptx Slope.pdf GISWRSynopsis7.pdf

Session 8: Tues 24 Sept Exercise 3: Spatial Analysis Ex32013.docx Ex32013.pdf Ex3Data.zip Ex32013Soln.pdf GISWRSynopsis8.pdf Hmwk1.docx Hmwk1Soln.docx


Session 9: Thurs 26 Sept Terrain Analysis and Watershed Delineation DEMWatershedDelineation.pptx GISWRSynopsis9.pdf


Session 10: Tues 1 Oct Exercise 4: Watershed and Stream Network Delineation Ex42013.docx Ex42013.pdf Ex42013Soln.pdf GISWRSynopsis10.pdf Hmwk2.docx Hmwk2Soln.pdf


Session 11: Thurs 3 Oct Hydro Networks HydroNetworks.pptx GISWRSynopsis11.pdf


Session 12: Tues 8 Oct Water data in space and time SpaceTime.pptx WorldWaterOnlineServices.pptx Hmwk2Network.pptx


Session 13: Thurs 10 Oct Review for Midterm Exam Review2013.pdf Review2013.pptx MidTermSoln2012.pdf


Session 14: Tues 15 Oct Midterm Exam MidtermSoln2013.pdf


Session 15: Thurs 17 Oct Arc Hydro Groundwater AHGroundwater.pptx GISWRSynopsis15.pdf


Session 16: Tue 22 Oct Programming in ArcGIS with Python Programming.pptx


Session 17: Thurs 24 Oct TauDEM: Terrain analysis the Tarboton way! TauDEM.pptx


Session 18: Tues 29 Oct Flood mapping FloodElevation.pptx OnionCk.pptx


Session 19: Thurs 31 Oct Exercise 5. Automation using Geoprocessing and Python Programing Ex5.pdf Ex5.zip Ex5Figs.pptx Runoff.pptx NLDAS.zip zstats.csv


Session 20 Tues 5 Nov Hydrologic Information Systems HIS.pptx GISWRSynopsis20.pdf


Session 21 Thurs 7 Nov Channel Networks and Transport Dynamics (Dr Passalacqua) Passalacqua.pdf


Session 22 Tues 12 Nov Hydrologic Data Sharing HydroShare.pptx


Session 23 Thurs 14 Nov River Channels RiverChannel.pptx  Presentation Tips TermPaperPresentations.docx


Sessions 24-28 Term Paper Presentations TermProjectList.htm