Ariette Schierz


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I received a Ph.D. with major in Chemistry focused on Environmental Chemistry and Engineering from the University of Leipzig, Germany in 2007. The experimental part of Ph.D. work was done at the Helmholtz-Center for Environmental Research-UFZ, Department of Environmental Technology, Leipzig, Germany. After that, I worked as a Research Scientist at the Helmholtz-Center Dresden Rossendorf, Department of Radiochemistry, Dresden, Germany. I came to the “Carolinas” in 2008 working with Prof. Lee Ferguson at Duke University, Durham, NC (University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC (July 2008-July2009)). In October 2011, I joined the Environmental Water Resources Engineering Group as a Research Assistant (postdoctoral fellow).


My research is focused on the fate, detection and transport of emerging contaminants in the aquatic environment. Currently, I am studying the fate of mercury and methyl mercury in sediments.