The World of GISHydro 97


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The World of GISHydro 97

Introduction: Why and How?


Basic Concept: Levels of Analysis

Levels of Analysis: Relational Database

Levels of Analysis: Stream Database

Levels of Analysis: Watershed Database

Levels of Analysis: GISHydro Model

Site Map and Quick Tour

Digital Classroom:

Digital Library:

Digital Atlas:

GH-Terrain: Terrain Analysis Module

GH-Prepro: Hydrologic Preprocessor Module

GH - Atmosphere: Atmospheric Moisture Flow



GH- Soilwater:

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GH - Runoff:

GH - Runoff:


GH - Rivers: River and Reservoir Flow Module

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GH -Rivers: Optimization Model

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GH -Rivers: Reservoir Simulator

GH -Rivers: GroundWater Simulator :

GH - Loads: Pollution Loading Module

GH - Loads: Pollution Loading Module

GH - Quality:Water Quality Analysis Module (Balance)

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GH - Quality: Water Quality Analysis Module(Balance)

GISHydro97: Conclusions

Author: Ye Maggie Ruan


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