Map-Based Flood Hydrology and Hydraulics


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Map-Based Flood Hydrology and Hydraulics

Map-Based Hydrology and Hydraulics

Map-Based Hydrology and Hydraulics

Austin Digital Elevation Model

Austin Watersheds


Presentation Outline

Study Region in West Austin

Watershed Delineation by Hand Digitizing

30 Meter Mesh Standard for 1:24,000 Scale Maps

DEM Elevations

DEM Elevations

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Austin West 30 Meter DEM Elevations in meters

Flow Direction Grid

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PPT Slide

Stream Network for 5 cell Threshold Drainage Area

Streams with 200 cell Threshold (ᡊ hectares or 13.5 acres drainage area)

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PPT Slide

Watershed and Drainage Paths Delineated from 30m DEM

DEM Data Sources for Texas

DEM Watersheds for Austin

Selected Watersheds and Streams

HMS Schematic Prepared with CRWR-PrePro

HMS Basin File

HMS Model of the Austin Region

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Maps Served on the Web

Design Precipitation Input

HMS Control File

HMS Results

Map-Based Hydrology and Hydraulics

Regional flood analysis in Houston

Study Region in West Houston Maps Developed using CRWR-Prepro by Seth Ahrens

Nexrad Rainfall for Storm of Oct 1994

Discharge in Buffalo Bayou at Katy October, 1994 storm

Calibrated Flow with HEC-HMS

Map-Based Hydrology and Hydraulics

Waller Creek DEM

Waller Creek Watershed Outlets

Waller Creek HMS Model

Flood Plain Mapping

Connecting HMS and RAS

Discharge at a Particular Cross-Section

Map-Based Hydrology and Hydraulics

HEC-RAS: Background

HEC-RAS: Cross-Section Description

HEC-RAS: Output

HEC-RAS: Data Translation

Digital Stream Mapping

Floodplain Mapping: Plan View

3D Terrain Modeling: Ultimate Goal

For more information about GIS and Hydrology, see To obtain CRWR-PrePro to link ArcView with HEC-HMS, see To take an online spatial hydrology course, see

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