Script Detailed Description

This script creates the input file to be read by the naUTilus model. To do this, WRITEINP utilizes the attribute tables of both the branch and node theme, as well as tables created by other scripts (draininput, connectivity, and brtab). User prompts will also be used to create the input file. The branch and node attribute tables are used to get a count of the number of nodes and number of branches. User prompts will allow the user to specify things such as the method used to calculate Henry's law constants or to enter ambient conditions.

The file created by this script, presently called "", is a text file. It is readable by naUTilus. Future possibilities of this script are to use it to double check that the inputs are feasible. Through this, problems with naUTilus can be avoided.

One things to note about this script is that some calculation and data manipulation is done. On reason for this is because, as mentioned in previous documentation, a discrepancy exists between the ArcView and naUTilus node numbering conventions. Thus, some manipulation is done to determine the number of the last node numbered in the naUTilus system. The last node is one item required in the input file for naUTilus.

Also note that the interchange between ArcView and naUTilus is not as efficient as it could be. Several lines of the naUTilus input file are read as dummy variables. Presently, these lines are written by the WRITEINP script. They will likely be removed at a later time, once the output of WRITEINP is tested by running naUTilus.

In the future, it is hopeful that a chemical library will be developed enough to support several chemicals. Presently, much of the data needed has not been found or entered into the table. Data still required includes Antoine's constants (A,B,C) and solubility information. When all the data required is acquired, the defaults for these values will be set at the values for benzene.

Key Avenue commands used:

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