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The script, INFLNODE, allows the user to click on nodes where flow enters the system. In the naUTilus conception of an industrial sewer network, flow enters the system through branches and no numbered nodes exist where branches initiate. In the ISBL discussion of this project, those initiating branches were called "start" branches. After speaking with a member of industry, it was determined that the case of inflow to nodes did exist. INFLNODE was written to deal with this discrepancy.

INFLNODE flags nodes where small branches will be created. These should be nodes where flow enters the system. While the user will not see these branches on the screen nor see the numbers, each added branch is 1 meter in length and has a diameter and slope determined by the user specified defaults. This addition of branches affects the numbering of both nodes and branches in the naUTilus numbering scheme. The ArcView numbering is not affected as the branches added are "imaginary". They do not appear in the ArcView theme, but are a tool used to create the appropriate naUTilus input file.

Because INFLNODE affects the naUTilus numbering of nodes and branches and because branches are added to the sewer network at the specified points, it is important for the user to recognize the difference between nodes at which flow enters the system directly and nodes which are part of branches with designated inflow. If there is a manhole at a location where flow enters the system, it is necessary to have numbered node (numbered in the naUTilus convention). If there is no manhole at the initial end of a branch introducing flow to the system, there should be no numbered node at the initial end of that branch.

To flag the nodes where direct inflow occurs, the user simply clicks on the node in question. In the node attribute table, the field "Node_Type" should already exist. In that field, the selected nodes will be flagged. This flag affects the numbering when the script OSORTPT is run

INFLNODE should be run after the script JUNCTION

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