Script Detailed Description

This script is to be run jointly with the script CREATETAB (updated version), as discussed in the description of CREATETAB. While CREATETAB makes the table drops.dbf, this script allows the user to click on the branch which has a drop then prompts the user for the height and tailwater depth characteristics of the drop. This script finds the correct branch and node numbers to store in the drops.dbf table. The filled drops.dbf table is one of the tables essential to creating a complete naUTilusinput file.

Once again, the connectivity created by ARC/INFO in processing the drawing files is essential. When the user clicks on a branch, the script looks for the field "Tnode_" in the branch attribute table. From this, the node number from the node theme is acquired. Note that this number is in the ArcView numbering system. By then revering to the node attribute table, the node number in the naUTilus numbering system is acquired. Both the branch and node number are stored in the drops.dbf table.

The user is prompted to input data on the drop height and tailwater depth. The user can alter preset defaults or accept the default values. When all drop data has been entered, the user should move on by clicking on the next tool in the series created for naUTilus.

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