Script Detailed Description

This script was written to allow the user to alter the diameter and slope values for individual pipes in an input file for the ISBL portion of a sewer network. It allows the user to click on a branch in the view then select a new value for the diameter or slope. SELECTBR can be run in conjunction with BRTAB by a button or a tool. If this is done, BRTAB should be the Click event and SELECTBR should be the Apply event. They should be run in conjunction only when creating a new brtable.dbf file. Running SELECTBR separately should be done to alter values in the already existing brtable.dbf file.

While SELECTBR allows the user to alter diameter and slope values, it is not necessary for both values to be altered. The default value for each branch is to keep the old value for the branch. Thus, one value can be changed while preserving the original value of the second characteristic.

The script, SELECTBR, will continue to run for every selected branch as long as the button in the tool bar is depressed. To deactivate the script, select another tool .

Key Avenue commands used:

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