Script Detailed Description

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The script DRAINDATA is run in conjunction with DRAININPUT. As with HARDPIPE and HPSELECT, they are run together by customizing the view with a new button. DRAININPUT acts as the Click event, while DRAINDATA is the Apply event.

DRAINDATA allows the user to click on drains and change one of two things per selection. The user can change the flag indicating if the drain is sealed or unsealed or can change the flow characteristics and diameter of the drain. To change all of these options, the user should click on the drain two separate times.

In the first option, altering whether the drain is sealed or unsealed, the user is shown the present status of the drain. They can either change the status or cancel the change. No change will be made to that drain and a message saying "No changes made to the drain characteristics" will appear. This indicates that no changes have been made for that particular drain. All changes made to other drains are still effective.

The drain characteristics which can be changed through the second option include:

Again, if the user cancels changes made to that drain, changes made previously to other drains are still effective.

Key Avenue commands used:
aList.Get( )

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