Script Detailed Description

One section of the input file to the ISBL portion of the naUTilus code specifies the characteristics of the branches: length, diameter, and slope. Each branch has one line of input with the order of input corresponding to the branch number. This script creates a table in the project which holds those three values for each branch. As the branch numbers under the naUTilus numbering system and the ArcView numbering system are consistent and can be associated with the "ibranch" field in the branch attribute table, there is little difficulty in creating this portion of the input file.

A virtual table is created with one field for each characteristic. This table is named "brtable.dbf". The table has one record for each record in the branch attribute table. The length is read from the attribute table and copied into the new table. The user is allowed to pick a default diameter and slope. These values should correspond to the values which dominate those represented in the network. For example, if most pipes in the network have a diameter of 0.5 meters, a value of 0.5 should be entered when prompted. The same applies for the value of slopes. The default values will be assigned to all records in the new table.

It is recognized, however, that not all branches will have identical values for the characteristics of diameter and slope. To account for this, the script SELECTBR was written. See the documentation on that script for more details.

Key Avenue commands used:

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