CE 394K.2 Surface Water Hydrology

Spring Semester 2005

University of Texas at Austin

Instructor: David R. Maidment



Course Videos are viewable on the website at http://utwired.engr.utexas.edu/cms/index.cfm


Course Syllabus: syllabus.htm


Setting up your course web site: https://webspace.utexas.edu/


Term Projects: TermProj.htm Turn in Instructions: TPPapers.htm


Session 1 (Tues, 18 January): Introduction to GIS in Water Resources. Review the course curriculum, course outline. Lecture slides: lecture1.ppt Reading on Hydrologic Observatories by L. Douglas James: hydroscience.htm


Session 2 (Thurs 20 January): Fluxes, Flows, and Volumes Lecture slides: lecture2.ppt Homework 1: Hmwk1.htm Homework 1 data: 15minflow.xls Solution for Homework 1: HW1.doc Spreadsheet for solution: HW1.xls


Session 3 (Tues 25 January): Energy balance of the earth Lecture3.ppt


Session 4 (Thurs 27 January): Geomorphology and ecology of the San Marcos basin (Joanna Curran) CurranSanMarcos.ppt


Session 5 (Tues 1 February): Exercise 1: Energy balance Exercise: ex1.doc ex1.htm Data files: ex1.zip Atmospheric Circulation explanation from University of Illinois, Dept of Atmospheric Sciences http://ess.geology.ufl.edu/ess/Notes/AtmosphericCirculation/atmosphere.html

Reading: Applied Hydrology, Section 3.1 3.2 (atmospheric circulation and water vapor).


Session 6 (Thurs 3 February): Atmospheric water Slides: AtmosphericWater.ppt Energy balance spreadsheet: Energybalance.xls

Reading: Applied Hydrology, Section 3.3 3.4 (rainfall and precipitation).


Session 7 (Tues 7 February): Flows and streamflow information Slides: Lecture7.ppt FlowFeb8.ppt Homework 2 Hmwk2.doc


Session 8 (Thurs 9 February): Precipitation and Evaporation Slides: Lecture8.ppt FluxInterpretation.doc

Links for computation of NARR: http://www.eservercomputing.com/ibmunix/articles/index.asp?id=288

http://www.research.ibm.com/weather/home1.html and the NOAH Land surface model: http://www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/mmb/gcp/noahlsm/README_2.2.htm


Session 9 (Tues 15 February): Exercise 2 Water Balance in the San Marcos basin Ex2.doc Ex2.htm Ex2data.zip TSWindow software


Session 10 (Thurs 17 February): Eddy Covariance Dr Marcy Litvak Slides: Litvak.ppt


Session 11 (Tues 22 February): Soil Water Balance Slides: SoilWaterBalance.ppt


Session 12 (Thurs 24 February): NOAH Land Surface Vegetation Atmosphere model (Dr Liang Yang) Slides: NOAH.ppt


Session 13 (Tues Mar 1): Infiltration and soil water movement Slides: Infiltration.ppt Homework: Soilwaterbalance.htm

Data to do homework: Soilwaterdata.xls


Session 14 (Thurs Mar 3): Hydrologic observations data Paper: HydroObsDataModel.doc Hydrologic Data Sources HydroDataSources.htm Tutorial on NCDC web site NCDCdata.doc HIS Symposium agenda HISAgenda.doc


Session 15 (Tues Mar 8) and 16 (Thurs Mar 10) CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System Symposium. Agenda

Papers: Hydrologic Observations Database Neuse Digital Watershed Hydrologic Flux, Flow and Storage

Homework assignment: Make a 2-page typed summary of these papers and what you learned by attending the

Symposium. Please turn this in to my office in ECJ 8.6 by 5PM on Thursday March 10.

HIS Overview presentation slides: HISOverview.ppt


Session 16: (Tues Mar 22) Review for Midterm Exam Review12005.htm


Session 18: (Thurs Mar 24) Midterm Exam


Session 19: (Tues March 29) Flow Routing (Dr Venkatesh Merwade) Slides: FlowRouting.ppt


Session 20: (Thurs Mar 31) Exercise on Flow Routing FlowRouting.doc FlowRouting.htm Data: BartonRAS.zip


Session 21: (Tues Apr 5) Groundwater Slides: Groundwater.ppt


Session 22: (Thurs Apr 7) GroundwaterFlow.ppt


Session 23: (Tues April 12) Water balance of the Edwards Aquifer (Dr Sharp) EdwardsAquifer.ppt


Session 24: (Thurs April 14) Groundwater flow exercise BartonSprings.doc BartonSprings.htm BartonSprings.zip

NCDC Daily rainfall to Arc Hydro NCDCDataDaily.doc Baseflow separation BaseFlow.doc


Session 25: (Tues April 19) Geochemistry of the Edwards Aquifer (Dr Jay Banner) Banner.pdf


Session 26: (Thurs April 21) Modeling flows in GIS Michael Goodchild Goodchild.ppt


Session 27: (Tues April 26) First session of class term papers


Session 28: (Thurs April 28) Second session of class term papers


Session 29: (Tues May 3) Third session of class term papers


Session 30: (Thurs May 5) Review and discussion of the Final Exam


Exam is due in by 4PM on Friday May 13 in ECJ 8.612.