Turning in Written Term Paper Reports


CE 394K.2  Surface Water Hydrology

Spring 2005



As indicated in the course curriculum, your written term paper report is due in this Friday

May 6, by 5PM.   I would like you to do two things with this:


(1)  Display it on your webspace location – and send me the web address for the paper (which I will hook to the term project list on the course web site).   


Be careful when you display something on your website that the permissions are set correctly so that another person can look at the site and not be blocked.    Open up a separate web browser from the one you normally access your site with, type into this browser the web address  that you are sending to me, and verify that your paper will open up at this address.   Its not enough that you can see the paper when you personally log into your webspace.


(2)  Deposit a copy of your paper in the Digital Dropbox for the CE 394K.2 course.  It is good if this is in Word format but if its html and a set of image files that is ok too, provided that you put this together as a .zip file so it doesn’t fill up the drop box with a lot of little files.


Thanks!  I look forward to reading your papers!