CE 394K.2  Hydrology                      Term Project Presentations

Spring 2001


Student (Powerpoint file)

Term Paper



Kevin Donnelly

Floodplain delineation of unsteady flow using HEC-RAS

Ki-Weon Seo

Hydrologic modeling of the Lower Colorado River Basin

Lee Sherman

HMS modeling of the Waller Creek Sub-basin

Becky Smyth

Floodplain Modeling in the Waller Creek Watershed: Austin, Texas

Water Quality


Melissa Figurski

Modeling an urban development with MIKE-SWMM

Kristina Schneider

Modeling the Lower Colorado River with Basins 3.0

Kristine Shaw

Evaluating water quality parameters using Basins 3.0

Bridget Wadzuk

Curvilinear Theory in Sinuous Reservoirs

Regional Hydrology


Tanya Hoogerwerf

FEWS streamflow model in the Limpopo basin

Venkatesh Merwade


Ryan  Murdock

WMS investigation: variability of time of travel

Vicki Samuels

TxRR Model along the Texas coast


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