CE 394K.2   Surface Water Hydrology     Spring 2001


Term Projects




Kevin Donnelly

Floodplain Delineation of Unsteady Flow Using HEC-RAS

Melissa Figurski

My Adopted Model...MIKE-SWMM

Tanya Hoogerwerf

Application of the FEWS Flood Risk Monitoring Model

Venkatesh Merwade

Hydrologic Modeling using TOPMODEL and TxRR

Ryan Murdock

Hydrologic Modeling with WMS

Vicki Samuels

Applying HEC-HMS 2.0:  Hydrologic Modeling System

Kristina Schneider

EPA's BASINS 3.0 and the TMDL for Lake Austin

Ki-Weon Seo

Hydrologic Modeling using HEC-HMS

Kristine Shaw

Modeling the Effects of Urbanization on Water Quality at Barton Springs

Lee Sherman

Modeling the Colorado River Floodplain at Hornsby Bend

Rebecca Smyth

Using HEC-RAS to model floods in Honduras

Bridget Wadzuk

Hydrodynamics and ELCOM