We are Family...


Now that I'm living in Texas, I'm pretty far away from most of my family.  I miss them alot, and am very proud of them all.  Right now, this is just my immediate family, but soon, I plan to add pictures of all the Samuels's and Ormonts, because I love you all!



This is the entire family at my Nana and Poppop's 50th Anniversary party (can you believe that-50 years!)  It was one of the few times my entire family is together now that we're scattered everywhere.  So here's the roster- Me, my younger brother Michael (not that you'd know it by the height difference!) my Mom, my Dad, and my younger sister Ivy (Michael's twin).
Mom, Dad and I at the Salt Lick Restaurant, some of the best BBQ I've had since living in Austin.  This is the 2nd day we'd been in Texas and we were having dinner with Marilyn and Bill. (don't worry guys, your picture will be up soon!)
The kids at Thanksgiving 1998.  My brother Michael is a journalism major at the University of Florida and my sister Ivy is a molecular biology major at Auburn University.  That makes for interesting Saturdays during the fall...at least 2 out of 3 Samuels's made the right choice! (just kidding Ivy!)