Here come the Gators!


This is Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, otherwise known as the Swamp.  On Saturdays in the fall, it houses tens of thousands of screaming, crazy Gator fans cheering their team to victory.  The empty stands become a sea of orange and blue, all focused on the action of the field.  It's a great feeling to walk through the tunnel into the stands, see the green of the football field, and look across and see people just like you!  That's what Gator football's all about!  Click here for the 2001 Gator football schedule to see our most recent victories.


This is Weil Hall, my home away from home while I was at UF.  It houses the Civil Engineering Department.  My classes, labs, and many meetings were in this building.  I was involved in ASCE, Chi Epsilon, and the Steel Bridge Team.  We went to Nationals this past summer in Anchorage, Alaska!  And conveniently enough, Weil Hall is located directly across the street from The Swamp!