CE 394K.3 GIS in Water Resources

Spring 1998

Review for Midterm Exam

The material is classified according to Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives:


Level Title Meaning
1 Knowledge Definitions, facts, formulas
2 Comprehension Explanation of definitions, formulas, problem solving procedures
3 Application Know how to use a formula or procedure to solve simple problems
4 Analysis Break down a complex problem and solve by steps
5 Synthesis Derivation of basic formulas, design of new systems
6 Evaluation Advantages and limitations of alternative approaches


Lecture Topic Level
1 Introduction to GIS Hydrology 2
2 Exercise on introduction to ArcView 3
3 Vector and raster data structures 4
4 Exercise on digital watershed delineation and HECPREPRO 3
5 Geodesy and map projections 5
6 Exercise on map projections 4
7 Digital data sources for watersheds and stream networks 2
8 Guest lecture by Dr Glenn Moglen 2
9 Digital description of the land surface 2
10 Exercise on building a base map and a point shapefile 3
11 Digital description of soils and aquifers 4
12 Exercise on Statsgo soils and land use data 4


Source Topic Level
Paper by Scott Morehouse The Arc/Info Geographic Information System 2
Smith thesis, pp. 16-26 Basic concepts of GIS 3
Smith thesis, pp. 28-49 Geodesy and map projection 5

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