CE 394K.3 GIS in Water Resources

Fall Semester 2017

University of Texas at Austin

Instructors: David R. Maidment, David G. Tarboton



Course Syllabus: GISWRSyllabus2017.pdf

Course videos: https://mediasite.engr.utexas.edu/UTMediasite/Catalog/catalogs/fall-2017-gis-maidment

UT Virtual Desktop: AccessingVirtualDesktop.pdf

Installing ArcGIS Pro: ArcGISUser.pdf

Dr Tarboton Web Site: http://hydrology.usu.edu/dtarb/giswr/2017/

Term Paper Library: TermPaperLibrary.htm


National Water Model: http://water.noaa.gov/map


Session 1: Thurs 31 Aug Introduction to GIS in Water Resources Lecture12017.pptx GISWRSynopsis1.pdf PresAtSOC.pptx NWSTDEM31August.pdf


Session 2: Tues 5 Sept Introduction to ArcGIS Lecture22017.pptx HarveyWeb.pptx


Session 3: Thurs 7 Sept Exercise 1: Introduction to ArcGIS Ex12007.pdf Ex1Data.zip


Session 4: Tues 12 Sept Data Sources for GIS in Water Resources DataSources2017.pptx SynopsisDataSources.pdf


Session 5: Thurs 14 Sept Map Projections MapProj.pptx Hmwk1.pdf


Session 6: Tues 19 Sept Exercise 2: Building a base map of the San Marcos basin Ex22017.pdf


Session 7: Thurs 21 Sept Spatial Analysis.pptx Slope.pdf SynopsisSpatialAnalysis.pdf