GIS in Water Resources, 2017 Term Projects


Regional Analysis: Thurs Nov 9



Elbin Collado

Drought Contingency Planning in Texas

Caroline Hackett

Aquifer recharge in the Nueces Basin

Rivkah Gardner-Frolick

Air pollution in the San Francisco Bay area

Rahul Naik

Impacts of wildfire on watersheds in Northern California

Jacob Kowalski

Gentrification in Chicago


International Water Resources: Tues Nov 14



Greta Wells

Paleofloods in Iceland

Leila Donn

Geomorphology of the Belize River Valley

Jay Hariharan

Human impacts on delta morphology in Bangladesh

Tatum Lau

Water sensitive urban design in the Thames River Basin

Rachel Weinheimer

Freshwater distribution and water quality in Micronesia

Sam Brodfuehrer

Flooding in the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia


US Water Resources (2): Tues Nov 21



Lisa Thompson

Combined sewer overflows in Seattle

Kyle Wright

Vegetation coverage and change in the Wax Lake Delta

Jake Ward

Water availability in the Rio Conchos Basin, Mexico

Isha Deo

Flooding and land cover in Houston

Venu Indu Sabaraya

Hurricane Harvey and Lake Houston

Kevin Strybos

Effect of glacial melting on streamflow


US Water Resources (1): Tues Nov 28



Cody Dawson

Water quality and aquatic life in Alaskan streams

Kindra Nicholaides

Permafrost in the Imnavait Basin, Alaska

Joel Lagade

Rain events on Lake Tahoe

Madison Rasmus

Changing conditions in the Salton Sea

Raj Shah

Impact of flooding on transportation in Virginia Beach, VA

Chinelo Agbim

Drinking water contamination in low income communities


Austin and Texas Water Resources: Thurs Nov 30



Deidre Zoll

Adaptation to climate change in Austin, Texas

Peter Tutton

Lag between precipitation and streamflow in Colorado River basin

Rachel Piner

Flooding and housing buyouts in the Onion Creek watershed

Sydney Kase

Flood maps in Matagorda County

Monica Guerra Uribe

Flood risk in the colonias of South Texas

James Bronikowski

Water resources of Montgomery County, Texas