CE 394K.3 GIS in Water Resources

Fall Semester 2015

University of Texas at Austin

Instructors: David R. Maidment, David G. Tarboton



Course Syllabus: GISWRSyllabus2015.docx GISWRSyllabus2015.htm


Office Hours for Cassandra Fagan in ECJ 8.102 are from 12:30-2PM on Monday and 10:30AM to 12 noon on Thursday.


Course videos: https://mediasite.engr.utexas.edu/UTMediasite/Catalog/catalogs/2015-fall-ce-394k-maidment


Term Paper Library: http://www.caee.utexas.edu/prof/maidment/giswr2015/docs/termpaperlibrary.htm


Installing ArcGIS Student Edition: InstallingArcGISStudentEdition.pdf


Using ArcGIS at UT Austin: ArcGISUTAustin


Midterm Exam from 2014: Midterm2014.pdf


All Past Exams: http://www.neng.usu.edu/cee/faculty/dtarb/giswr/pastexams.html


Term Project Proposals: TermProjProp.htm


Term Project Presentations: TermProjList.htm


Final Exam: GISWRFinal2015.pdf


Session 1: Thurs 29 Aug Lecture 1: Introduction to ArcGIS Lecture12015.pptx


Session 2: Tues 1 Sept Lecture 2: Welcome to GIS in Water Resources Lecture22015.pptx


Session 3: Thurs 3 Sept Exercise 1: Introduction to ArcGIS Ex12015.pdf Ex1Data.zip Ex1WebData.zip Ex1Soln.pdf


Session 4: Tues 8 Sept Data Sources for GIS in Water Resources DataSources2015.pptx DataSources2015.pdf SynopsisDataSources.pdf NHDPlusUserGuide.pdf RiverDescription.pptx


Session 5: Thurs 10 Sept Building a Base Dataset of the San Marcos Basin. Ex22015.docx Ex22025.pdf HydroShare resource: NFIE_12.gdb.zip Ex2Soln.pdf


Session 6: Tues 15 Sept Map Projections and Coordinate Systems MapProj.pptx SynopsisMapProjections.pdf


Session 7: Thurs 17 Sept Spatial Analysis SpatialAnalysis.pptx SynopsisSpatialAnalysis.pdf Slope.pdf RasterExample.zip


Session 8: Tues 22 Sept Exercise 3: Spatial Analysis Ex32015.pdf SpatialAnalysis2.pptx SynopsisSpatialAnalysisExercise.pdf Hw1.pdf Ex3Soln.pdf Hmwk1Soln.pdf


Session 9: Thurs 24 Sept DEMs, Watershed and Stream Network Delineation DemWatershedDelineation.pptx SynopsisDEMWatershedDel.pdf


Session 10: Tues 29 Sept Hydrologic Terrain Analysis HydrologicTerrainAnalysis.pptx SynopsisHydrologicTerrainAnalysis.pdf


Session 11: Thurs 1 Oct Exercise 4: Watershed and Stream Network Delineation Ex42015.pdf Ex4Data.zip SynopsisWatershedDelinExercise.pdf Ex4Soln.pdf


Session 12: Tues 6 Oct National Flood Interoperability Experiment NFIEGISWR2015.pptx


Session 13: Thurs 8 Oct Review for Midterm Exam Review2015.pdf Midterm2014 Midterm2013 Midterm2012 MidtermReview.pptx MidtermSoln2014.pdf MidtermSoln2013.pdf MidtermSoln2012.pdf


Session 14: Tues 13 Oct Midterm Exam MidtermSoln2015.pdf


Session 15: Thurs 15 Oct Geospatial Analysis of Groundwater AHGroundwater.pptx


Session 16: Tues 20 Oct Introduction to HEC-HMS IntroHECHMS.pdf HECHMSSoln.pdf


Session 17: Thurs 22 Oct Extending ArcGIS using programming. Programming.pptx WatershedDemo.zipHecHMS.zipTauDEMDemo.zip


Session 17: Tues 27 Oct LIDAR and Flood Mapping LIDARMapping.pptx


Session 18: Thurs 29 Oct Exercise 5: HEC-HMS modeling using data from GIS services Ex52015.docx, Ex52015.pdf NHDNED.pptx


Session 19: Tues 3 Nov TermPaperPresentations.docx HydroShare2015.pptx SynopsisHISandHydroShare.pdf Halloween2015.pptx


Session 20: Thurs 5 Nov CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System (Jeff Horsburgh) CUAHSIHIS2015.pptx


Session 21: Tues 10 Nov Term Project Presentations Texas Water Resources


Session 22: Thurs 12 Nov Term Project Presentations Austin Water Resources


Session 23: Tues 17 Nov Term Project Presentations US Water Resources (1)


Session 24: Thurs 19 Nov Term Project Presentations International Water Resources


Session 25: Tues 24 Nov Term Project Presentations US Water Resources (2)