CE 394K.3 GIS in Water Resources

Fall Semester 2012

University of Texas at Austin

Instructors: David R. Maidment, David G. Tarboton and Ayse Kilic



Course Videos are viewable at: http://utwired.engr.utexas.edu/maidment12/


Course Syllabus: Syllabus2012.docx     Syllabus2012.htm


Installing ArcGIS 10.1   InstallingArcGIS101.docx  InstallingArcGIS101.htm


Water Pictures and Music  Just-Water.pps


Austin GIS Day Song  G-I-Yes


Term Project Lists:  TermProjList1.htm  TermProjList2.htm

TA Office Hours (Gonzalo Espinoza): ECJ 4.608 Monday 1-3PM and ECJ 5.442 Wednesday 1-3PM

Term Paper Library: http://www.ce.utexas.edu/prof/maidment/giswr2012/docs/termpaperlibrary.htm  


Session 1: Thurs 29 August Lecture 1: Introduction to GIS in Water Resources  Lecture12012.pptx   GISWRSynopsis1.pdf


Session 2: Tues 4 Sept  Lecture 2: Introduction to ArcGIS   Lecture22012.pptx  GISWRSynopsis2.pdf  Videos: http://www.esri.com/events/user-conference/agenda/plenary-videos.html


Session 3.  Thurs 6 Sept Exercise 1: Introduction to ArcGIS Desktop     Ex12012.docx   Ex12012.htm   Ex12012.pdf  Ex1Data.zip Ex1Soln.pdf   GISWRSynopsis3.pdf


Session 4.   Tues 11 Sept  Data Sources  DataSources2012.pptx   DownloadingImagery.pptx, DataSources2012.pdf, GISWRSynopsis4.pdf


Session 5.  Thurs 13 Sept Exercise 2:  Building a Base Dataset of the San Marcos Basin  Ex22012.docx  Ex22012.htm  Ex22012.pdf GISWRSynopsis5.pdf Ex2Soln.docx


Session 6.  Tues 18 Sept Geodesy, Map Projections and Coordinate Systems  MapProj.pptx GISWRSynopsis6.pdf  Extra slides on GPS from Dr Kilic: GPS.pptx


Session 7.  Thurs 20 Sept  Spatial Analysis  SpatialAnalysis.pptx    Slope.pdf  RasterCalcExamples.zip  GISWRSynopsis7.pdf  Homework 1  Hmwk1.docx Hmwk1.pdf  Hmwk1Soln.docx


Session 8.  Tues 25 Sept  Exercise 3: Spatial Analysis  Ex32012.pdf  Ex3Data.zip  GISWRSynopsis8.pdf Ex3Soln.docx


Session 9.  Thurs 27 Sept  Watershed and stream network delineation DEMWatershedDelineation.pptx GISWRSynopsis9.pdf


Session 10.  Tues 1 Oct  Exercise 4: Watershed and Stream Network Delineation   Ex42012.docx  Ex42012.htm  Ex42012.pdf  Ex4Data.zip Hmwk2.docx  Hmwk2.pdf  Hmwk2Soln.pdf  Ex4KeyConcepts.pptx  GISWRSynopsis10.pdf Ex4Soln.docx


Session 11.  Thurs 4 Oct   Remote Sensing   RemoteSensing.pptx   GISWRSynopsis11.pdf


Session 12.  Tues 9 Oct Exercise 5: Estimating Evapotranspiration using Landsat TM and ArcGIS 10.1  Ex52012.docx Ex52012.htm Ex52012.pdf  Ex5Data.zip  ASCEEvapotranspiration.pdf    


Session 13.  Thurs 11 Oct Review for Midterm Exam  Review2012.docx   Review2012.pptx  


Session 14.  Tues 16 Oct  Midterm Exam  MidtermSoln.pdf   MidtermReview.pptx


Session 15.  Thurs 18 Oct Arc Hydro Groundwater  AHGroundwater.pptx  GISWRSynopsis15.pdf


Session 16,  Tues 23 Oct  Arc Hydro Groundwater Applications  GISWRSynopsis16.pdf   Jones.pptx


Session 17, Thurs 25 Oct GIS and Floodplain Mapping   FloodElevation.pptx  FloodmapSenate.pdf


Session 18, Tues 30 Oct Exercise 5: Estimating Evapotranspiration using Landsat and ArcGIS  Ex52012.docx  Ex52012.htm  Ex52012.pdf  Ex5Data.zip  ETWorkshops.pptx SandyFlood.pptx


Session 19, Thurs 1 Nov GIS and Hydrologic Modeling  HydrologicModeling.pptx


Session 20, Tues 6 Nov Extending ArcGIS using programming  Programming.pptx  Python Script used in demo spaceTime.py   


Session 21, Thurs 8 Nov Hydrologic Information Systems   CUAHSI_HIS.pptx  GISWRSynopsis21.pdf  


Session 22, Tues 13 Nov  Global Water Information System   CHyMaidment.pptx  TermPaperPresentations.docx CHyStoryBoard  SteveJobsPresentations  Hitchhiker’s Guide to Presentations  NWIS Snapshot


Session 23, Thurs 15 Nov LIDAR data in water resource applications (Dr Paola Passalacqua) LIDARPassalacqua.pptx LIDARPassalacqua.pdf


Session 24, Tues 20 Nov  Term project presentations Session 1  Urban Water Resources and Flooding  


Session 25, Tues 27 Nov  Term project presentations Session 2 International Water Resources


Session 26, Thurs 29 Nov  Term project presentations Session 3 Texas Water Resources


Session 27, Tues 4 Dec Term project presentations Session 4  Regional Water Resources  Class 2: Texas Water Resources


Session 28, Tues 6 Dec Term project presentations Session 5  Spatial Analysis   Class 2:  Regional Water Resources  Final Exam  Final Exam Data


Global Water Observations Map


Water Operations Web Map


Central Texas Hub