CE 394K.3 GIS in Water Resources

Fall Semester 2010

University of Texas at Austin

Instructors: David R. Maidment, David G. Tarboton and Ayse Irmak



Course Videos are viewable at http://www.utwired.engr.utexas.edu/maidment10


Course Syllabus: Syllabus2010.docxSyllabus2010.htm


Course Schedule: Schedule2010.htm


Adobe Connect Web Link: http://meeting.austin.utexas.edu/gis2010


Term Paper Library: http://www.ce.utexas.edu/prof/maidment/giswr2010/docs/termpaperlibrary.htm


Term Project List: http://www.caee.utexas.edu/prof/maidment/giswr2010/docs/termprojlist.htm


World Bank Water Sector Writing ContestWorldBank.pdf


Final ExamGISWRFinal2010.docx†† Solution to Question 3


Post Term Papers: PostTermPaper.htm


Oral Term Paper Presentation GuidelinesTermPaperPresentations.docx TermPaperPresentations.htm


Session 1: Thurs 26 August Lecture 1: Introduction to GIS in Water Resources Slides Lecture12010.pptx


Session 2: Tues 31 AugustLecture 2: Introduction to GIS SoftwareLecture22010.pptx


Session 3: Thurs 2 SeptemberExercise 1, Introduction to ArcGIS and to HydroDesktop.†† Ex1HydroDesktop.docx Ex1HydroDesktop.htm Solution to Exercise 1Ex1Soln.docx Ex1Soln.htm


Session 4: Tues 7 SeptemberData Sources for GIS in Water ResourcesDataSources2010.docx DataSources2010.htm DataSources2010.pptx


Session 5: Thurs 9 SeptemberExercise 2, Building a BaseMap of the San Marcos Basin†† Ex2_2010.docx Ex2_2010.htm Ex2Data.zipEx2Soln.docx


Session 6: Tues 14 SeptemberGeodesy, Map Projections and Coordinate SystemsMapProj.pptx Homework 1Hmwk1.docx Hmwk1.htm Hmwk1Soln.docx Hmwk1Soln.htm


Session 7: Thurs 16 September Spatial Analysis using Grids†† Spatial.pptx


Session 8:Tues 21 September†† Exercise 3Spatial Analysis†† Ex32010.docxEx32010.htm Data: Ex3.zip Ex3Soln.doc


Session 9.Thurs 23 SeptemberDEMís, Watershed and Stream Network DelineationDEMWatershedDelineation.pptx


Session 10.Tues 28 SeptemberExercise 4Watershed and stream network delineationEx42010.doc Ex42010.htm Data: Ex4.zipSolution Ex4Soln2010.docx Computation of slopeSlope.docx


Session 11.†† Thurs 30 SeptemberHydro NetworksHydroNetwork.pptx


Session 12.Tues 5 OctoberFlow Networks and Basin Precipitation†† Ex5_2010.docx Ex5_2010.htm (data are obtained from ArcGIS.com) SpaceTime2010.pptxEx5Soln2010.docx Ex5Soln2010.htm


Session 13. Thurs 7 OctoberReview for the Midterm ExamReview2010.docx†† Review2010.pptx


Session 14, Tues 12 October†† Midterm ExamSolutionExam2010Solution.pdf


Session 15, Thurs 14 OctoberArc Hydro Groundwater††† ArcHydroGroundwater.pptx


Session 16, Tues 19 October Arc Hydro Groundwater demo (Tim Whiteaker)Orlando VideoGroundwaterTime.pptx


Session 17, Thurs 21 OctoberRemote Sensing††† RemoteSensing2010.pptx


Session 18, Tues 26 OctoberExercise 6 Image Analysis and Classification Techniques using ArcGIS 10Ex6.docx Ex6.htm Ex6.zip QuestionEx6.docxEx6Soln.docx


Session 19, Thursday 28 October†† Water Observations Data††† FlashFlood.pptx†† HISCentral.xlsxHydroDesktopWorkshop.docx HydroDesktopWorkshop.htm HydroModelerExercise.docx HydroModelerExercise.htm†† Bringing HydroDesktop time series themes into ArcGISHydroDesktopToArcGIS.docx††


Session 20, Tuesday 2 NovemberSattelite Based ET Estimation. SatelliteET.ppt. Optional Exercise Ex7.docx. Ex7.zip.


Session 21, Thursday 4 NovemberAutonomous multispectral remote sensing with unmanned airborne vehicle. AAFC.pdf


Session 22, Tuesday 9 November†† A Services-Oriented Architecture for Water Observations DataWaterServices.pptx


Session 23, Thursday 11 November†† CUAHSI Observations Data Model and HydroServerODMHydroServer.pptx


Session 24, Tuesday 16 November Presentation of Term papersUS Water Resources†† Batch Processing by Lindsay Olinde


Session 24, Thursday 18 November Presentation of Term papersRegional Water Resources


Session 24, Tuesday 23 November Presentation of Term papers Texas Water Resources


Session 24, Tuesday 30 November Presentation of Term papersAustin Water Resources


Session 24, Thursday 2 December Presentation of Term papersInternational Water Resources and class evaluation and review for final exam