CE 394K.3 GIS in Water Resources

Fall Semester 2006

University of Texas at Austin

Instructors: David R. Maidment and David G. Tarboton



Course Videos are viewable on the website at http://www.utwired.engr.utexas.edu/maidment/ 


Course Syllabus: syllabus.htm


Course Schedule: schedule.htm


Term Paper Library: http://www.ce.utexas.edu/prof/maidment/giswr2006/docs/termpaperlibrary.htm


Term Project Proposals: http://www.ce.utexas.edu/prof/maidment/giswr2006/docs/termprojlist.htm


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Utah State University Site: http://www.engineering.usu.edu/dtarb/giswr/2006


Setting up your course web site: https://webspace.utexas.edu/

Session 1 (Thurs, Aug 31): Introduction to GIS in Water Resources. Review the course curriculum, course outline. Lecture slides: Lecture12006.ppt. Breeze Lecture recording

Session 2 (Tues, Sept 5): Introduction to GIS Software. Slides: Lecture22006.ppt. Reference Materials: ArcGIS brochure,   Spatial Analyst brochure , Breeze Lecture Recording.

Session 3 (Thurs Sept 7) : Exercise 1: Introduction to ArcGIS  Data Files: Ex12006.zip Exercise 1 Addendum: Introduction to Google Earth Data Files Ex12006Google.zip

Session 4 (Tues Sept 12): Mapproj.ppt, EarthDistance.doc, KaterinaDistances.xls. Homework No. 1.

Session 5 (Thurs Sept 14): Exercise 2: Building a BaseMap   ex22006.doc   ex22006.htm   Data files: Guadalupe.zip

Session 6 (Tues Sept 16): Survey of GIS Data Sources  Datasources.htm   Slides DataSources.ppt

Session 7 (Thurs, Sept 21): Spatial analysis using grids. Spatial.ppt. Spatial Patterns in Catchment Hydrology. Grayson and Blöschl (2000).

Session 8 (Tues, Sept 26): Spatial Analysis Exercise. Ex32006.doc. Ex32006.htm Data files: Ex3.zip  This is a 41MB file so I’ve unzipped it and put it in the folder \class\maidment\giswr2006\Ex3 in the LRC  NEW! Ex3Reclass grid result is available at: Ex3reclass.zip

Session 9 (Thurs, Sept 28): Digital Elevation Model based watershed and stream network delineation. DemWatershedDelineation.ppt

Session 10 (Tues, Oct 3): Watershed and Stream Delineation Exercise. Homework: hmwk2.doc, Exercise: Ex42006.doc, Ex42006.htm Data files: Ex4.zip

Session 11 (Thus Oct 5):  Review of the Dinf Method: Dinf.ppt. Advanced Terrain Analysis: TerrainAnalysis.ppt.

Session 12 (Tues, Oct 10): Networks, Arc Hydro, NHD and NHDPlus  HydroNetwork.ppt

Session 13 (Thurs, Oct 12): Exercise 5: NHDPlus and Flow Networks   Ex52006.doc  Ex5.zip   Solution to Ex5: Ex5Soln.doc Discussion Items  4paneldiagram  PointInfoModel

Session 14 (Tues, Oct 17): Review session presented from Nebraska. Review2006.doc. Review2006.ppt. Excercise 4 Solution Review.


Session 16 (Tues, Oct 25): Hydrologic Information Systems: CUAHSIHIS.ppt


Session 17 (Thurs, Oct 27)  Arc Hydro Groundwater Data Model  Groundwater.ppt  Gil Strassberg’s Dissertation: Strassberg.pdf  Teach yourself exercise script: GroundwaterExercise.pdf  Teach yourself exercise data:  GroundwaterExercise.zip   Solution for Midterm Exam Exam2006Soln.doc Exam2006Soln.htm


Session 18 (Tues, Oct 31):  Creation of new geographic features  DataCreation.htm  Datacreation.doc    Exercise 6: Building an Arc Hydro with Time Series Geodatabase  Ex62006.doc  Ex62006.htm  Ex6Data.zip 


Session 19 (Thurs Nov 2): Nonpoint source pollution modeling   NonpointSource.ppt   Example Exercise: BacteriaModel.doc


Session 20 (Tues Nov 7): Modeling surfaces using TIN and raster interpolation from points: Surfaces.ppt. Example Exercise: Geostatistics.htm, Data Files: GeostatExercise.zip.

Session 21 (Thurs Nov 9): Remote Sensing: Remote Sensing.ppt.

Session 22 (Tues Nov 14): Water Resources Issues in Australia  First Ministers Briefing, Nov 7, 2006   Water Resources Observations Network  Murray-Darling Basin Initiative  Australian Basins and Gage Networks

Session 23 (Thurs Nov 16): CUASHI Hydrologic Information Systems Workshop.   Agenda   Directions  Please attend on Thurs morning for the HIS presentation.
See http://www.utwired.engr.utexas.edu/maidment/  where there are four video files that show the session on Thursday morning.

Session 24 (Tues Nov 21): Term Paper Presentations, Session 1, Water Quality