GIS in Water Resources      

Homework Exercise #2


Part A


Do Exercise 1 on Introduction to Arc GIS and turn in the map and chart layout requested at the end of that Exercise


Part B


Here are some short questions in response to which you should present a short discussion illustrated with pictures if necessary.


1.  In GIS, geographic data has a number of ways of being represented.  Give a brief description (including a sketch) of the following geographic data types.


-         Vector

-         Raster

-         Triangulated Irregular Network


2.  Explain the difference between the terms Geodatabase and Feature Dataset.


3.  Explain the difference between feature selection using a tabular query and feature selection using a spatial query.


4.  Explain the difference between a feature class and an object class.


Please staple your answers to Parts A and B together and turn them in on Thurs 11 Sept.