CE 394K GIS in Water Resources

Useful Internet Sites for GIS and Water Resources

Data for the United States


Hydrologic Unit Maps (HUC)

Description http://water.usgs.gov/GIS/huc.html

Get the data http://water.usgs.gov/lookup/getspatial?huc250k

The 8-digit hydrologic cataloging units are the basic water resources subdivision of the United States


EPA Reach File 1 (RF1)

Description http://water.usgs.gov/GIS/metadata/usgswrd/erf1.html

Get the data http://water.usgs.gov/lookup/getspatial?erf1


EPA Basins Model

Description http://www.epa.gov/OST/BASINS/

Get the data http://www.epa.gov/OST/BASINS/gisdata.html

Contains a large inventory of environmental data organized by 8-digit hydrologic cataloging units


National Hydrography Dataset (NHD)

Description http://nhd.usgs.gov

Get the data http://nhd.usgs.gov/data.html

NHD Applications Symposium, Dec 2000 http://www.crwr.utexas.edu/giswr/events/122000nhda/

The stream network and water bodies of the United States organized by 8-digit hydrologic cataloging units

National Inventory of Dams http://crunch.tec.army.mil/nid/webpages/nid.cfm


Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) for the United States

Seamless data distribution from EROS Data Center http://seamless.usgs.gov/

1 arc-second cells (1:24,000 scale) National Elevation Dataset http://edcnts12.cr.usgs.gov/ned/

Other USGS DEM data http://edc.usgs.gov/Webglis/glisbin/guide.pl/glis/hyper/guide/usgs_dem

Elevation Derivatives for National Applications (EDNA) http://edcnts12.cr.usgs.gov/ned-h/index.html

National Severe Storms Laboratory Basin Delineation project NSSL National Basin Delineation Project


US Coastline from National Geophysical Data Center

Coastline Extractor http://rimmer.ngdc.noaa.gov/coast/


USDA Soils Data

Statsgo – State Soil Database (1:250,000 scale) http://www.ftw.nrcs.usda.gov/stat_data.html

Ssurgo – County Soil Database http://www.ftw.nrcs.usda.gov/ssur_data.html

Statsgo is available for the whole United States.  Ssurgo is much more detailed but is available only in some counties.  For an exercise on how to interpret Statsgo, see: http://www.ce.utexas.edu/prof/maidment/giswr98/statland/webfiles/viewstat.htm


Land Use/Land Cover Data

USGS Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) http://nsdi.usgs.gov/products/lulc.html

National Wetlands Inventory Center http://www.nwi.fws.gov/

National Land Cover Dataset http://edcwww.cr.usgs.gov/programs/lccp/nationallandcover.html

            Get the data http://edcwww.cr.usgs.gov/pub/edcuser/vogel/states/

National Atlas of the United States http://www.nationalatlas.gov/atlasftp.html

The LULC files have been the standard land use/land cover dataset of the US but are now being superseded by fresh mapping in the National Land Cover Dataset.



USDA Water and Climate Center (PRISM maps of mean precipitation) http://www.ftw.nrcs.usda.gov/prism/prism.html

National Climate Data Center http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/

For an exercise using PRISM and land cover data to estimate nonpoint source pollution, see: http://www.ce.utexas.edu/prof/maidment/giswr98/nonpoint/webfiles/corpus.html


Water Resources

USGS National Water Information System http://water.usgs.gov/usa/nwis/

Real Time USGS Data on Water Watch http://water.usgs.gov/nwis/rt


Global Data

ESRI Geography Network http://www.geographynetwork.com/

Digital Chart of the World http://www.maproom.psu.edu/dcw/

GTOPO30 - 30 arc-second cell (1:1,000,000 scale) global DEM http://edcdaac.usgs.gov/gtopo30/gtopo30.html

Hydro1K – hydrologic derivative datasets from GTOPO30 http://edcdaac.usgs.gov/gtopo30/hydro/index.html

EROS Data Center Gateway http://edcimswww.cr.usgs.gov/pub/imswelcome/

Global Water and Energy Experiment (GEWEX) http://www.gewex.org/


Texas Data

Texas Natural Resource Information System http://www.tnris.state.tx.us/

TNRIS Vector Data http://www.tnris.state.tx.us/DigitalData/data_cat.htm


For more useful web links, see: http://www.ce.utexas.edu/prof/maidment/gishydro/docs/websites/othr_web.htm