Here are a few Avenue (and one AML) examples prepared for the Spatial Hydrology Seminar: Spring 1997. As of 3/23/97, there are three topics: Spatial and Tabular Queries, ZonalStatsTable, and Computing Net Flux.

  1. Spatial and Tabular Queries
  2. Given a grid or polygon Theme defining ZONES and another grid containing VALUES, the ZonalStatsTable request can be used to create a new table which reports the statistics of cell VALUES within each ZONE. In the example shown below, the zones are defined by the Theme txrun2.shp (0.5 degree polygon boxes) and the statistics for values of the Bowen ratios in the grid "bowall" (5km cells) are computed and put in the table "bowtab.dbf."

    Click here to see the script.

    Here is the result:

  3. Click here to see an AML that was used to compute net flux.