This page contains links that I maintain for my research and personal use. I save my links on this
page rather than in a Bookmarks file because I often log in to the Internet from different computers
or different computer networks.

SGP Data:

CAGEX Home Page:

60 m DEM of Oklahoma:

Various scale DEMs available from the USGS:

NRCS soils page:

Southern Great Plains Hydrology Experiment: http://hydrolab/

NRCS -- Oklahoma:

USGS Landuse/Landcover Data :

North American Land Cover characteristics:

Remote Sensing Research at USDA, ARC, and BARC:

Point Precipitation in Hydrologic Modeling:

Arkansas-Red River Basin Forecast Center:

Oklahoma Mesonet:

USGS Water Data:

Penn State Earth System Science Center Database:

Canadian Soil Information System (CanSIS):

Climate Systems Modeling Land Working Group:

Arm Meta Data System: