UTWEBGRIDG - UT's World Wide Web Grid Calculator with Graphics.


This applet is a grid calculator. It calculates the slope, flow direction, flow accumulation and weighted flow accumulation for an elevation and weight grid. A graphic of the current grid is displayed.



If the Applet does not work:
The files on the CD are conforming to the 8.3 file convention. For that reason we had to rename the 'utwebgridg.class' file to 'utwebgri.cla' and the 'gridcell.class' file to 'gridcell.cla'. To work the files need to be renamed to their original names. To run the applet in Figure 1 you will need to move this HTML file (webgrid.htm) and the .cla files to a location where you have write access. Then rename the .cla files to their original names.


Here is the source code.

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