GISHydro97 - Rivers

River and Reservoir Flow Routing Module

Center for Research in Water Resources, University of Texas at Austin


Once a water surplus has been calculated on the land surface using GH-Soil, the flow needs to be routed to the watershed outlet, and then through the river system using GH-Rivers. The methodology of the Rivers model is described in CRWR Online Report 96-5.


GH-Rivers is a fairly comprehensive system for routing water in rivers, including the effects of reservoirs, water flow over the land surface and in the subsurface environment, and optimization of watershed model parameters. The model was originally developed by Zichuan Ye and David Maidment and contains methods developed by Francisco Olivera for watershed runoff routing. The reservoir water balance component was subsequently developed by Kwabena Asante.

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Zichuan Ye
ESRI Applications Programming group

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