Other Useful Internet Sites for Water Resources and GIS

Texas Water Resources

Texas USGS HomePage
Texas Water Development Board
Texas Natural Resource Information System (TNRIS)
TNRIS Anonymous FTP site
Center for Research in Water Resources
Texas WaterNet (Texas Water Resources Institute)
Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center
Nexrad Precipitation Data Displays

Literature Search

Selected USGS Water Resources Abstracts

Federal Agencies

Hydrologic Engineering Center
Hydraulics Laboratory, Waterways Experiment Station
NSDI Spatial Data Clearing House
USGS Water Resources Spatial Data Products
USGS Geographic Names Information System
USGS North American Land Cover Characteristics
pH of Precipitation
Provides access to atmospheric deposition data throughout the US.
Environmental Modeling Center, National Weather Service
Environmental Protection Agency Athens Site
EPA Office of Air Quality
Supports access to the Toxic Release Inventory Data by a query search
National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)
NOAA Climate Division Map
The info file of this coverage has normal temperature and precipitation for each climate unit.
NOAA Precipitation Station Locations
NOAA Monthly Precipitation Data
National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center(snow surveys)
GEWEX Water Vapor Project (GVaP)
NCAR VEMAP Vegetation and Ecosystem Mapping Project
National Wetlands Inventory
National Biological Survey
National Geophysical Data Center
National Center for Atmospheric Research
FGDC Manual of Federal Geographic Data Products
Environmental Protection Agency
National Environmental Data Index
USDA Agricultural Research Service Experimental Watersheds
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Soils Data
Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Data
US Census Bureau Data from Ciesin

International Agencies

Global Runoff Data Centre
Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (GPCC)
SPOT Satellite Images
World Meteorological Organization
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

CRCCH (Cooperative Research Centre for Catchment Hydrology)

CEDARE (Centre for Environment and Development of the Arab Region and Europe)

Global Land Cover Data

ArcView I

Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.

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