Center for Research in Water Resources

University of Texas at Austin

Atmospheric Moisture Flow Over North America

Prepared by

David R. Maidment

Jerome Patoux

Christine Cotton

The image below shows the atmospheric moisture for June 1991. The arrows represent the magnitude of moisture flux and are pointed in the direction of the wind. The moisture flux is the product of specific humidity and the wind velocity. The specific humidity is the amount of water contained in each air column.

The quicktime movie shows the atmospheric moisture from June 1991 to July 1993. It is interesting to observe the motion of the circulating air above the ocean and the continent: the winds (Easterlies) take up water from the ocean (high humidity areas) at low latitudes. They blow toward the continent and penetrate above Central America and the central part of the United States.

To play the movie:

Quicktime Movie: Atmospheric Moisture Flow over North America (1.5M)

DOS/Windows/Windows NT: Atmospheric Moisture Flow over North America (4.0M)

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