Alpha/ArcView 2.0/Tables Editing Problem (Exercise #4)

CE 397 GIS in Water Resources
University of Texas at Austin

Problem: There is a problem with editing tables in ArcView on the DEC Alpha UNIX workstations in the LRC. When editing a number field in a table the program doubles the last digit. If, for example, you enter '2850' the field will actually show '28500'. This problem is probably due to the fact that the machines are running ArcView 2.0 (which is not the latest version).

Solution: The Pentium computers in LRC are running ArcView 2.1. You can create and edit tables on the pentiums and then ftp them back over to the Alphas. Keep in mind that when transfering data from the Pentions to the Alphas and back you always have to ftp from the Pentiums. That is because you don't have an account on the Pentiums.