Printing from the Alpha Machines

In order to print a layout from the alpha machines, you need to have an IF account validated for UTS (University of Texas Services). Assuming you have such an account, the procedure is:

  1. Go to the LRC Home page and get the instructions for printing on the alpha machines. Follow these instructions to associate your IF account and your alpha account.

  2. With Arcview open and the Layout window active, choose File/Export on the Project window. You will presented with a dialog box in which you specify the name and type of the file you want to export and the directory to which it should be exported. Choose "PostScript(EPS)" as the file type.

  3. From the regular Decterm command window, print the file by using:

    $ rlpr filename

    where file name is the name given to the file in Step 2 including the .eps extension that is assigned automatically.

  4. The printout will be produced in the main reception area of the LRC.

  5. When you have a satisfactory printout, be sure to delete the EPS file because these are very large files and will quickly clog your allowable file space. Remove the file by using:

    $rm filename

Thats it. If there are more problems, let me know.