Term Project Outline

CE 394K Surface Water Hydrology
University of Texas at Austin

Surface Water Modelling of the Souss Basin

by Kris Martinez

The Souss basin is located in Morocco, East of Agadir, a city that is located on the Atlantic coast. The basin's groundwater table is being seriously depleted by the pumping of water for irrigation use. In the last few decades, the area has become a center of agricultural activity. Unfortunately, the climate is arid in the region, and the land is very dry in its natural state. An enormous amount of water is required for farming in this type of environment. The situation is similar to the Edwards Aquifer, in that more water is being pumped from underground than is being recharged. The water table has been depleted as much as 100 m in some places.

Information Resources:

Dr. Maidment and his associates have collected a great deal of information regarding the Souss basin. This includes a digital elevation model (DEM) created by the USGS and average annual precipitation data compiled by the Australian National University (ANU). Using these and other resources, Team Maidment has determined the relationship between the amount of rainfall and runoff. Mass balances have also been developed.


I would like to work with the existing data and flow models to gain a better understanding of hydrologic modelling. I will be using Arcview extensively. Consequently, I will be developing a sense of the power of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in environmental engineering. Finally, I will be applying my developing knowledge to an actual problem, the depletion of water resources in the Souss basin. By doing so, I will be gaining important practical experience in the science of hydrology.

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