Term Project Outline

CE 394K Surface Water Hydrology
University of Texas at Austin

Study of a Watershed in Austin, Tx using HMS
to Analyze Storm Water Runoff

by Charles W. Kaough

Project Objectives:

Information and resources needed for this project:
1) HMS Program: A copy of the HMS program and the accompanying literature available about the the program.. I will seek assistance from Dr.Maidment, Francisco Olivera, and Dr. Charbeneaux about specifics on the usage of the program. I could investigate information available over the web and from the Hydrologic Engineering Center and/or who-ever developed the HMS model.

2) Data. Dean Thomas has been gracious enough to make the resources of the City of Austin, through the department he is employed in, available to me. He has indicated that there is good data available for most watersheds in and around Austin especially after the Memorial Day flood. Francisco Olivera is willing to make his data available to me if he has data that would be useful. I need to find out what kind of data HMS requires. I need to choose which watershed to analyze according to the data that is available.

Expected Results: This study will give me experience with storm water analysis using the HMS computer model. By learning the method of analysis used by the computer model I will further my under- standing of principles used in hydrology and hydraulics. The analysis will make me familiar with the resources available to do such an analysis. I will become more familiar with how to describe storm events, the effects of different types of storm events on the watershed, and the order of magnitude of the data (for example the size ot the stream flow, in the given watershed of size x square miles and its given land uses). Become more familliar with water quality parameters.

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