Term Project Outline

A Combined Surface/Groundwater Balance
for Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer

by Chris L. Brown


Professor David R. Maidment
CE 394K Surface Water Hydrology
University of Texas at Austin

Table of contents

  • 1. Project Goals
  • 2. Project Description
  • 3. Expected Results

    1. Project Goals

    The goals of this project are to:

    2. Project Description

    I hope to use two programs for this class project. These programs have developed by Zichuan Ye, David R. Maidment, Francisco Olivera, Seann Reed, and Daene C. McKinney. The first is the MAP-BASED SURFACE FLOW SIMULATION MODEL. The second program is the MAP-BASED GROUND WATER FLOW SIMULATION MODEL. I would like to look at the effect of variables such as pumping rate, recharge, precipitation, upon the outflow to Barton Springs and devlop spatial and temporal graphics illustrating this effect. I will also rely on work done by Prof. Maidment's students in gathering data for the Edwards Aquifer/Barton Springs area, such as Francisco Olivera's Spatial Hydrologic Data of the City of Austin CD-ROM Documentation . This includes data on the Edwards aquifer recharge and contributing zones.

    3. Results Expected

    At the end of this project, I hope to:

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