Term Project Outline

CE 394K Surface Water Hydrology
University of Texas at Austin

Building a Stream Map of the Austin Region

by Juling Bao

Brief Introduction

The Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) is a huge data source available through the network. It offers a wide range of natural resource information in Texas including roads, streams, railroads, urban streets and etc. The data obtained from this system are often the fundamental data for both academic research and construction planning. So the testing of the correctness of these data becomes important


  • Building a stream map of Austin region by using the data downloaded from TNRIS.
  • Testing the correctness and consistence of these data from TNRIS
  • Making preparation for another research project that I will be involved

    Source Available

    The latest version of The Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) is the source of most data and information. It contains two main sets of maps: TxDOT County Map Series and TxDOT District Map Series. It covers all 254 counties in Texas and all features including streams, roads, railroads, streets and etc.


  • Download data from each relative county directory in TNRIS.
  • Build stream subsystem in each county in Austin region.
  • Form the stream map of whole Austin region
  • Check the consistence of the whole stream system email: bao@crwr.utexas.edu

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