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Souss Basin Hydrologic Model

CE 394K Surface Water Hydrology
The University of Texas at Austin
Kwabena Asante


One of the tasks that water resource planners are frequently faced with is the selection of the most effective among a number of technically feasible options of a proposed development. Modeling water resource systems to determine the consequences of various project options is one means of determining which option to adopt. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) models for the analysis of surface and ground water systems have been developed. However, computer programs on their own of little practical value to planners unless the hydrologic conditions in the study area are sufficiently documented to enable the overall effect of each option to be studied.

The Souss basin in Morocco is currently being studied to determine the combination of water storage facilities that maximizes system wide water conservation. The basin currently contains three major reservoirs but the strong nature of surface and ground water interactions in the region makes the subsurface storage of water, in the aquifer, a viable option. A complete hydrologic model of the basin is hence required to enable the effects of the various storage options to be studied.


This study is being undertaken to



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